The consequences of sex

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How much would we talk about that that the consequences of sex may consist not only of pleasure, but also of an unwanted pregnancy and a variety of diseases, many people still cannot learn any way to use protective means during sex. Why is this happening?

Contraceptives, namely, the most common and convenient to use of them — the condom, they even advertise on television. Appeal for protection during of promis-cuity, and not only sounds and it is shown everywhere, but people seem to specifically look for problems for their head and health.

What to do with it? The answer to this question, and indeed the subject of the article, is urgent for many years, and especially lately. And as though there are written a lot about it, the reading of useful information cannot be called superfluous or a waste of time anyway. Start from yourself to change society, and to change your own life for better.


Where and how the problem appears? As with all the problems of humanity, this appears in childhood of each person. We need to start with education. Do not hesitate to talk with your children about sex, because there is nothing unnatural about it. And even on the contrary. It would be unnatural if your child grows up and becomes the homosexual person. And what, in our opinion, is even worse is the fact that, whether male or female, they can lead in the future chaotic sexual lifeand, as the consequences of sex, become infected by many diseases, or give birth to children which are not able to take care of as is needed. Therefore, educating your children, remember of sex education. In our time, this question is very important and relevant.


But unfortunately, or fortunately, education does not define everything. Even if it will be as close as possible to the ideal society can spoil it, because has a very strong influence on the formation of the person at different stages of its development. The consequences of sex are usually not important for young people who are want each other right here and now. But there is another scenario where it is society that teaches to have sex properly and, as far as possible, correct the negative consequences of sex.

So, when the family is unfavorable, and it certainly will not teach the child the correctness of relationships with the opposite sex, the society may become a key element that will change a person for better, and it is also able to protect against errors and problems in future.

The consequences of sex include, first of all the unwanted pregnancy. And most often, it ends with the abortion. And if the pregnancy unexpected and undesirable at the moment, it is unlikely that a child, nobody wanted and was not expecting would bring happiness to their parents and will be happy themselves. Everyone has an opinion about abortion, but still nothing positive about it.

Extremely unpleasant consequence of sex are also sexually transmitted diseases. Infections that are sexually transmitted, can be very serious, or neglected to such condition when it is no longer possible to recover. For example, syphilis, which is transmitted from person to person through sexual contact, can even lead to death.

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