The absence of sex

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Sex exists not only to give the opportunity to people to continue their family, but also to maintain normal physical, mental and emotional state of the organism. The absence of sex in different age has different effect on the state of health.

The absence of sex in women results into the bad mood and irritability over trifles. Due to the lack of sex, women may also suffer from the gynecological diseases. Sex for women contributes to the gentle massage of the uterus. And in the case of absence of sex, blood that flows to the genitals during the arousal, begins to stagnate there, and that can cause a variety of gynecological diseases. Lack of sex in women also leads to violations of hormonal levels, and as a consequence, the violation of menstruation cycle. Due to the lack of the same hormones that are released in the body of a woman with regular sex, the problems with skin may appear. Sex promotes the production of collagen, and without it the skin loses its elasticity; also the color deteriorates, there may appear acne, too much sebum appears.


Because of the absence of sex in women the psychological disorders appear as well, the low self-esteem and the loss of the confidence in themselves and their attractiveness.

As for the men, the external effects of the absence of sex on them are even stronger and more acute. Especially painful is the lack of sex to the young boys and men. Men conduct more fretfully, their nervous system seriously suffers. And on the background of the nervous system diseases there appear the numerous neuroses, which, with the flow of time, can cause the troubles to all the systems inside of the organism. Because of the absence of sex the cardiovascular system of men also suffers – there appears the high or low blood pressure, headaches and dizziness.


After long periods of abstinence there appears the stagnation in the urogenital system. In fact, when a man does not have sex, his seed do not come out, but the process is to take place. Because of this the vessels in the area of the seed channel, scrotum swells. If in the life of a man in the period from 30 to 45 years there is no regular sex, the sexual ability will weaken, and the long-term abstinence leads to impotence.


Sex for both sexes at any age is always important and is a vibrant part of fulfilling life. So you should never abandon it. Do not overdo it, because everything should have limits, but do not forget that sex should take place as much as you want it. Also, remember that having sex brings too much good to abandon it. If you have not felt the heat of a young and beautiful female body, longing for sex, you already understand the urgent need to catch up.

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