Temptress at Work or Sex with the Secretary

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Secretary  is the card of any company. The main work of secretaries is to meet guests, business partners of the firm. Secretary should to make coffee, their appearance should be pleasant. In our century, the heads of large companies do not even consider a resume without photos. When you select a secretary, the focus is on the appearance of the girls. The face of large-scale enterprises is not over smart girl who perfectly understands all the documents the perfect secretary must have a beautiful face and a slim figure. For the girl who wants to get a job as a secretary, the most important thing is to please his boss and be ready that soon she may linger after work.


Many secretaries work because they have sex with the boss. Men are pleased to see a beautiful, sexy woman. Basically, every leader has a wife and children. But we all know that men want variety, relax after a hard day. They stay  all day at the office, then come home, they hate the boring routine. Sex with the  secretary relaxed them after a busy day.


Passionate sex with the secretary is the man’s dream! Every man would like to boast to his colleagues about his office romance. Often we hear that the boss and his secretary like to retire in his office during working day! Sex with the secretary is a good way to have relax . For a woman it is a way to get a high-paying job in a good company. Some of the leaders select candidates for the role of secretary and immediately announce of all their  «responsibilities». Boss invites secretary to various corporate events, to  the sauna to relax and forget about work and problems.

But not all of the girls agree to go for this job. After hearing about the duties or if boss constantly insists on the sex  the girl go away from this  job. Not many girls agree on office romances, they are afraid of gossips, especially if they have families. Everyone knows that we can not hide anything from human eyes and sex with the secretary could harm of both.


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