Tantric sex – an incredible pleasure

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Nowadays sex lovers keep on trying to find new ways to satisfy their flaming passion. But today they found something completely newer than their previous experiments like anal sex. Right!, as you can already guess the subject will be the tantric sex, which at a fast pace gains more and more popularity among people around the world.

Though many couples know about this kind of sexual bliss, they don’t really know the whole idea of these relationships. That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to the description of the main peculiarities of this ancient intimate teaching.


Subject of discussion

Before we proceed to the consideration of all the subtleties this process have, you should understand first what the tantric sex is. Many reliable sources consider it as a part of Tantra – one of the eastern philosophical systems, which springs from India. The same sources tells that fundamentally in this teaching lays not only physical, but tight spiritual bounds between partners.

Other words, those two who decided to feel the power of tantric orgasm should put blood, sweat and tears in the deal. They should take a new form of sexual connection. This form, in it’s turn, means thorough care of your partner and his/her satisfaction at first.


Taking into account the whole seriousness and complexity in achieving the goal the partners have already set, they should spend a lot of time just for the preparation. Experienced “tantrists” claim, that couples should practice their physical and mental merger only during the daytime. In those times people used to carry out such acts in special temples, but today the apartment’s environment is quite enough.

As a rule, tantric session lasts from 2 to 10 hours, so those couples, which want to get closer to the celestial pleasure, should create an appropriate atmosphere in a bedroom. Relaxing music, pleasant scents, weak lighting and absence of any bright-colored elements in interior – take care of each of these points before proceeding to the coition and get rid of any possible external irritants not to disturb you and your partner while you’re immersing into the “nirvana” state.


Learn to breath

You think it’s easy to breath simultaneously with your partner? Tantrists wouldn’t agree with you, as the practice shows it’s not so easy to learn the right technique of joint breathing. They strongly advice young ladies and gentlemen to develop these skills, as without it the tantric session of love impossible.

After you learned the first steps of these breathing exercises you can move to the bathroom slowly putting your clothes off. The point is that water relaxes you while your bodies touch and the complete tranquility considers to be one of the most important condition.


What do we have in result?

Remember that these brief recommendations are barely enough to make you and your partner tantric lovers. As it was mentioned before, Tantra knows no rush and this kind of sexual understanding cannot be learned and understood from the first steps. A lot of time should pass till you reach the final point of exchanging your sexual energy, but believe – the result will exceed any expectations.


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