Standing Sex is Effective Fitness!

seks 28 Авг

Standing sex position can be slow and gentle or fast and rough.

Standing sex is best suited for partners of the same height. If your heights are different, we recommended to use a step stool. A woman can wear high-heeled shoes. It is better when the partners have the small difference in growth.


It is believed that standing sex  is mainly used the couples that strive  for a rough sex without foreplay. Most often, they resort to standing  sex in places that are not intend for this, or where strangers can see them: at  parties  in their friends, at the cinema  curtain,  in the toilet ,on the landing, and even in the university auditorium between sessions.

Standing sex suggests that sexual contact will take place swiftly and harshly. If in the vicinity of a loving couple have no wall or window , sexual contact will take place with the maximum physical exertion.

Here are three of the best variants that standing sex would be pleasant.

«Lifting the leg»

This position is ideal for those who want to have sex in a hurry. It is quite suitable to be used in any place, for example: in a fitting room, in the club’s toilet or in the office.


«Like Animals»

In this position a man leads,  that’s why l he is an active partner. The woman is just getting in the right position and fully obeys her cavalier.

In order to take the right position, the woman must be standing on her feet and her hands should get to the floor. The man must conveniently settle back and put his hands on woman’s waist.

«On the hands»

In this position, the woman is on the hands of man, it is not resting on the floor. Therefore, in order to have standing  sex, it is necessary that the man is strong, because he must not only keep his lady, but he must move his body  at the same time.


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