Sounds of the sex

3099 26 Авг

Sex is not in just moves, feelings and emotions – it is also in sounds and words. And this “vocal” part plays far not the least role in the process of love.

We’ll begin from that sound accompaniment. That is that moans, whispers and groans with which the sexual interaction is filled on the movie screen. In the real life this accompaniment is not always so bright and is not necessary. Nevertheless, such accompaniment have a few main functions in the sex.


The expression of the sincere feelings and states. For many couples the sound accompaniment is the main means of the expression of pleasure. The louder are the moans the stronger is the pleasure.

The demonstration of pleasure, the arousal of the partner. Maybe not everyone feels the need to shout and moan – everything is individual here. Nonetheless, sometimes the rule of imitation comes into force – sometimes partially, and sometimes fully. And the sounds are used to arose the partner, or to please the partner with the demonstration of your own pleasure. It is needless to say that the various sounds for women is the best way to show the orgasm. By the way, those women who tend to imitate the orgasm often use this means as the most “obvious”. But with the moaning you can’t help it at all. If the imitation of the orgasm is the permanent process – it is the problem and it is to be sorted out together with the partner.


And what words are to be told in the bed?

Tender. The sweetest words are given to the partner and their parts of the body. The tenderness for sex is the necessary thing but sometimes it is not enough for some people. And after that there go quite different things.

Passionately brutal. Everything here is on the edge of the tenderness and rudeness. That means that in this case tenderness mixes with something disruptive and fascinating. And it is of course able to arouse.


Passionately rough. Even if it sounds strange it is that “rough” words that really arose some of us, the substandard lexicon is included. That means that some people feel real need in that some processes and parts of their body were called with the “uncensored” names.

Each person has their own preferences to the ways of expressing their thoughts and emotions during the sex. And what are your preferences? VIP prostitutes of Kiev will say only that words that you want to hear – get pleasure from the sounds of sex with the best girls of the Kiev.