Shall there be too much of sex?

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Many of us know that the continuous abstaining from the sexual relations negatively influences the health. The doctors say that such term as “too much of sex” doesn’t really exist, and you can have it as often as it is allowed by the physical and psychological health. But there are limits to everything. And sex isn’t the exception – its abuse may lead to some unpleasant consequences.

Very frequent sudden passionate desires may cause the stretching of ligament or vaginal muscles, the mucosal membrane’s micro trauma, redness and abrasions. The anal sex, if it’s very active, is called the most dangerous by the doctors. The most widely spread injuries here are: the anus crack, disruptions of the mucosal membrane, the stretching of the circular muscle sphincter. The last mentioned problem is the most serious, because with the flow of time there may appear some complications: acute forms of hemorrhoids, incontinence. This muscle is very sensitive, and if it is damaged it will take a long time for it to heal up.


The partners, who have much of sex, may get into one more trouble that gas a special name – “the honeymoon syndrome”. The sense of discomfort during the sex, painful urination, irritation of the mucous membrane, micro inflammation, burning, itching and sometimes secrets. To avoid all these symptoms you are to change the “much of sex” to the “less of sex”. And the further choice is up to you  — both traditional and alternative medicine can be used for the treatment.

Some medical specialists also say that if you have too much of sex that can lead to the nervous exhaustion, which is expressed by the strong sense of fatigue, apathy,  distraction, emotional misbalance. Besides, sex is a quite big physical load for the organism, during which we lose a great amount of water – a half an hour of sex may need the same energy as the 5 kilometers run. So this is the reason why you need to replenish the water reserves of your organism, because the lack of it causes all that earlier mentioned symptoms.


There exist the belief that the way active sexual life leads to the decreased ability of male sperm to fertilize the female egg. After the frequent ejaculations  (e. g. 4-6 times a day) the sperm quality deteriorates, but this process is temporary. Approximately during a day all the useful sperm properties restore and the fertilization may successfully occur.

Contrary to all legends, the active sex life doesn’t have any negative effect on the heart and cardiovascular system.  Quite the contrary. Thanks to the regular sex the heart muscle is training, the blood circulation is always normal, the heart stability rises.


To avoid such problems don’t overdo in the bed, but you are not to neglect such pleasure. The prostitutes of Kiev will provide you with the first-class pleasure for a low price, and you will remember for a long time the classic with them.