Sex without a condom is more pleasant and more dangerous

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What is the safe sex? The answer is that it is the sexual interaction with the compulsory use of the contraceptives that is the special means that prevent the pregnancy and the infection by the venereal diseases. It’s necessary to say that they perform this function 97%. And as far as 3% of danger still remain, every sexual act can be called dangerous.

The most famous and the most widely spread contraceptive is condom. It protects both partners from the venereal diseases and unplanned pregnancy 97%. And that can’t be told the same about the sex without a condom. The fans of the sex without condom donate their safety and health for pleasure. They are sure that the condoms reduce the sentience greatly and even make the process painful and nasty. But the fact that there are many high quality condoms nowadays using which the partners get the sensations quite close to the natural is against them all. Besides, using the condoms with various structures people have the opportunity to feel even more pleasant sensations.


Many couples consider that the interrupted sexual intercourse can save them from the unwanted pregnancy. The supporters of the dangerous sex say that any man can learn to control the physiological processes and remove the penis from vagina before the ejaculation. But such sexual intercourse doesn’t give the warranty of the pregnancy prevention because the lubricant, which men produce during the sexual intercourse, contains enough sperm for the fertilization.


But people, who act for sex without a condom, protect one more popular way of protection – the calendar prevention. The point of it is that there are so called “safe” days in the women’s menstrual cycle, when the fertilization is sort of impossible. The day in the beginning of the menstrual cycle and at the end of it are called safe. But why isn’t this the absolute warranty of the safe sex without the condom? The point is that, firstly, the method is valid only for the women with the regular menstrual cycle.  Secondly, even the regular menstrual cycle can shift, and the changes can take place even within the normal cycle, that means that the ejaculation of the ovule can happen not as planned.


Is the anal sex without the condom safe? Many people have the anal sex, considering that they cannot be infected in such case. But that isn’t so – the risk to be infected with the venereal viruses in such case is even higher. The statistics says that each second contact is ended with the infection. The colon contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. And that is the reason why after having the anal sex with a condom to have the vaginal sex changing the condom is a necessity.

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