Sex with the virgin

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By the lucky coincidence, John had the opportunity to find himself in the middle of winter between the palm trees and warm sand on the seashore. That was only John who hadn’t his vacation this year still and there was only one lucky ticket. So he packed his bags and flew to the south without thinking.

On the first day of stay in the hotel where John lived, they organized the party for guests who have arrived lately. John was not going to miss this opportunity, so, only having learned about the party, he began to prepare for it immediately.

They had organized the smorgasbord and dancing in the large hall. There were quite many people there. The hotel management has thus sought to make the tourists interconnected, so that their stay was even more fun, and they always felt comfortable. And here Alice has become to John more than just a resident of the same hotel. She was looking cute and beautiful, had fun, was good in dancing, and accepted compliments with embarrassment and slight brush on the cheeks. It is worth to note that John was impressed with her to the depths of his heart.


They had met only a week ago. And tonight she had watched him with passion, and he looked at her with great desire and tenderness. They were walking at sunset, when hot and languid color of sunlight flooded the sky and the sea surface. The surf rustled softly, the waves were breaking on the coast slowly and gently, and dissolved in the white sand again. The evening was warm, and there was a light breeze on the beach. There were no any living being around Alisa and John. They were talking joyfully, sharing their impressions from another day they lived together, and while that were holding their hands.


There came a strange and silent moment. Both stopped and their lips reached out for a kiss. They lied down onto the Alisa’s pareo on the warm sand. The thought appeared in her mind:”Did he ever have sex with the virgin?”, and further there were only caresses and kisses. John touched the soft and springy breasts of Alisa, and she shivered. Despite the fact that she hardly knew him, she trusted him as anyone else, and allowed to do everything. John understood that everything was under his control, and gave pleasure to the girl using all his skills, but he felt that he couldn’t restrain himself for a long time.

Then he entered her and like by the lightning was stroke by the thought that she was a virgin. Alisa at the same moment calmed him by the tender kiss, and John continued to move carefully but confidently. “Sex with the virgin, so beautiful on the evening beach! Is there anything more to dream about?” – he thought without stopping to cover Alisa’s face and chest with kisses. She was breathing deeply, new sensations came to her with every second, at first, they were far away and weak, and then became stronger and more pleasant – these sensations covered her and took higher and higher. They both enjoyed the unexpected passion and got the love pleasure till the morning.


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