Sex with the pupil

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Secondary school teacher Natalia lived in a small town and taught algebra and geometry in the senior classes. Whether it’s Natasha’s fate, or she wanted everything to be in such way, but she has never been married, and is not going to become a wife in the nearest time. The youth of her body and bright colors of her face were leaving her slowly, but still she was very beautiful.

By nature, Natalia was kind and cheerful person. She loved children very much, and that’s why decided to become a teacher and never in her life was pity of it. Also she was plain and easy to speak to, but, maybe, she was simply unlucky with the men.


Natalia owned attractive appearance. Not very long, but thick dark hair lightly brushed beautiful shoulders. Her slim figure, rounded shapes and neat appearance helped to stand out in the working team. Some pupils of the school – mature and handsome guys, almost the men, even those looked after her appraisingly, when the teacher of the most hated subject passed by in the corridor during the break.

Natasha has never told to anybody how lonely she was in the evenings, how much she wanted to be loved. The same as all women she wanted to feel herself desired, the feel the warmth in the lover part of the stomach and the absorbing passion, that comes during the sex.  Sometimes she allowed herself a little bit of  entertainment, but the real ardent feeling didn’t appear.

This time Natalia also didn’t expect anything to happen. She felt the very unfunny sympathy and a strong attraction to the guy, pupil of the graduating class school which she worked in. And everything is not so simple. The guy was constantly trying to attract the attention of the beautiful woman in any way for about half a year. Of course the teacher noticed those frank glances at her, but didn’t allow the guy come too close. Soon it was very difficult for her to cope with the growing desire. But she was brought up too good, and had a great sense of duty, and that’s why couldn’t have sex with the pupil.

“Sex with the pupil” – it sounded so shameful and wrong to her, and so desirable at the same time. It was clear to her that she missed sex too much. Natalia saw that the guy burns with the same strong desire, and she coped to negotiate with her conscience and professional duty, and instead of the mark for the individual work of her pupil she wrote him the letter with the time and place of the appointment…

The teacher and pupil were looking into each other’s eyes, and their desire was growing stronger. They would stand it for a long time, and their lips merged in the tender and at the same time passionate kiss. He undressed her very fast, she was very excited already. Covering her beautiful breasts with kisses, he descent lower and lower. At least the long-awaited moment came and they became the oneness. At first tender, then deep, then slower and faster. She felt that every cell of her body, so hungry for love, was enjoying these minutes. Sex with the pupil became the reality for her, and she was not pity for it at all right now. The young lad was not very experienced, but he could understand what this woman wanted. Nobody has ever obsessed her in such way. The young man was delighted with the beauty of her body, tenderness and and pleasant flavor of her body. Nobody except them will never know what they have done this night, and what wishes have embodied.


Sex with the pupil have gave her so much pleasure that night, that, remembering about it later, Natalia experienced the excitement, happiness and light excitation. They didn’t meet after the graduation, but it seems that they haven’t any need in this.

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