Sex with the ex

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Every woman, who agrees to have sex with her ​​ex-husband or boyfriend, has her reasons for this, and different women have different motives: someone wants in such a way to assert themselves, making sure that after them their former partner has not yet found their replacement, some of women also cannot find a more reliable and experienced partner, and thus forget their former one, someone just cares about their health and do not want to deprive themselves of the regular sex. Let’s look closer on the possible reasons of that why women easily agree to have sex with the ex.


Sex with the ex for the self-assertion.

Usually, after breaking up with the person to whom you have given a lot and allowed everything, your self-esteem drops down. It’s especially difficult situation for a woman, if the initiator of the break was the man. Yes, the self-assertion and self-elevation through sex is possible. But only through sex with other partners, and not with the former. A tip for girls: make sex a kind of reward or a prize for the decent courtship. Make it so that a man who will make the most effort to be with you and will get you, do not waste yourself on unworthy and weak people. Believe me, the more men will compete for you, the better effect it will make on your self-esteem.

You have not met a man better than the ex.

Unfortunately, you have not developed the relationship, but sex with the ex you will never forget. Even if you found a new guy and he completely satisfies you in the bed, he still cannot be compared with the mastery of your ex. You believe that he could read your thoughts, and always knew in advance what you wanted. You want to feel again that the ease for which you miss for sure, and you agree to have sex with the ex. What to do in such situation and how to restrain yourself and still be tempted not to allow the ex to use you? Understand that he could bring you so much pleasure, because you were always it telling him what you wanted at the beginning. If your new man will truly love you, then he will try to do everything to give you maximum pleasure. With the loved one who will cherish you, you will be able to experience even more new and enjoyable things. Also, do not compare the new guy with the former, and only then you will be able to relax.

Sex with the ex for health.

Prolonged abstinence from sex is bad for health. At first it was a bad influence on your mood and emotional state. But then there can be problems with orgasm, and unpleasant sensations in the genital area. And if you have sex with the former only for such a reason, and it brings you positive emotions, it is within the acceptable. But here we must remember that being distracted by the sex with the ex, you are taking away from you the ability to find a new love by yourself.


Sex should not be considered only as the means to meet your needs, because it is the symbol of love and trust as well, and that will not come back in a relationship with the ex for sure.

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