Sex with beautiful girls

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Daniel and Sasha had been friends since the first day at the university, they went together to classes lived in the same dorm room, walked together with girls were in the same company of friends. And after graduating from the university friends stayed together. Lived in the same apartments and it happened so that they also worked together. Years passed, but the real men’s friendship only grew stronger. Daniel and Sasha were already adults. They were successful, found their loved women and, as they say, lived for pleasure.

The loved girls of friends, of course, just had to be best friends, because they had to spend a lot of time together. But, we must say that it was very easy for them to make friends, and they have also become sincere best friends.


It would seem, what more can you ask of life? But the men have long nurtured a common dream about amazing sex with beautiful girls, and weren’t going to abandon it in any case. Such dream didn’t seem any vulgar or perverted to both of them. Their girls were very beautiful, and it is with them they were going to implement his idea of an orgy.

It was hot summer. And is there anything more beautiful than the barbecue on the lake in a quiet forest at such a time? A cheerful company of friends loved such rest and at the weekend was going to spend time in that way. The sun was already setting. The girls had consumed plenty of alcohol. In short — everything proceeded as planned by guys. Not separated from each other by a large distance, the guys started to undress their girls, and to arouse them by caressing by their tongues girls’ hot pussies. «Sex with beautiful girls» — repeated quietly guys and mysteriously glanced in the direction of each other. Now they clearly understood that this dream is almost a reality. No one noticed as two couples had merged into the overall love game.


First, the girls showed the boys and each other all the blowjob skills, which they expertly possessed even under the intense pressure of the degrees of alcohol in their blood. Then Daniel had a girlfriend of Sasha into her elastic beautiful ass, and Sasha, enjoying the magnificent breasts of the girlfriend of his bud, entered into her wet and hot pussy with a huge lust. Rhythms and movements of all participants sometimes coincided, and created a single rhythm. Girls were moaning so that the guys did not recognize them, but it was arousing them even more. The first act was over, but the second came immediately. The boys enjoyed the exchange and further continued to have sex with beautiful girls, but each with their own. The second series was marked by an enormous tenderness and warmth of love, and Daniel and Sasha did not want to their change places any more.


Later, friends admitted to each other, that the sex exchange was certainly very striking sexual adventure; they will rarely talk about it, but often think, and most likely plan the sequel.

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