Sex with a rubber woman

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The attitude towards the rubber woman in our time is always unambiguously. But the social surveys in many countries show  that men and women are becoming more positive towards polygamy. And sex with a rubber woman is unlikely someone recognizes the adultery.

The first sample of a similar to the modern rubber woman was used by Spanish and French sailors in the seventeenth century, when they made the distant voyages. At that time these toys were not rubber, and made of the  old clothes. There is an opinion that, already made ​​of rubber, dolls were used by German soldiers during World War II. Sex with a rubber woman took away the sexual tension, and at the same time did not cause any discomfort — after using they blew off easily and folded compactly.


In our time, and with our possibilities and technologies sex with a rubber woman can be as good as the real. The materials from which such modern alternatives of women are produced, do not inferior by the tactile sensations to the real women of flesh and blood. There are also artificial women that can be heated to the desired temperature, they can moan, or even have an orgasm, what is sensed by the man. Sex with a modern rubber woman is possible in different poses and different species to which she is always ready. But to make such sex as realistic as possible you’ll need to pay a good sum for such woman replacer. Expensive sex doll is covered with the artificial skin, and will weigh like a real woman of the same parameters.


But for the sex with a rubber woman was successful, you must also adhere to certain rules of its operation. At the time the rubber woman is very similar to the real, it is still not real, and you should remember that the natural lubrication during sex with her won’t appear. That’s why, if the rubber woman is your best lover, the artificial lubricant has to become your best friend. The artificial water based lubricant will be the best for you, which won’t spoil the material of which the doll is made and will surely complete its mission.


Once you bring your new girlfriend home don’t forget to disinfect her. You can do this by treating it with an antiseptic, or after washing with an antibacterial soap and warm water, but in any case, with the hot water, as this may affect the strength of the material. To make your relationship with the rubber woman last as long as possible, it is recommended to use condoms during the sex. Also after sex doll must be completely cleaned and leave her to wait for the next time in a dark, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.

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