Sex with 2 men

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They say that every girl dreams about sex with 2 men. Some, to the best of their high morals do not dare of everything like that, but many are not only decided on the implementation of those ideas, but also repeated these experiments in sex with great pleasure. What are the reasons that still a lot of women are ready to the threesome and they really like it, despite the level of depravation of their imagination? We have tried to answer this question.


Sex with 2 men, firstly, makes a variety of intimate life of a couple or a single girl. Furthermore, with such an arrangement of affairs, she will always be in the center of attention, affection will not break off, and the pleasure will be double, maybe even more than double. Why? It would be absolutely logical that when there are two men, then they can deliver twice more pleasure. But the factor that multiplies the pleasure of a woman during sex with 2 men is that such sex can last as long as possible without interruption. If a man ejaculates or gets tired, he can immediately be replaced by another, and the first will be excited again while watching a picture of intercourse from the side, and will be able to please a girl with a renewed vigor. And if the girl also happens to be the owner of the high libido, then such sex will be even more pleasant for her. Her body requires a lot of sex, and none man is able to provide that amount of sex alone. In addition to all of the above, there is one more positive moment, and that is in that that the longer sex with 2 men, the more orgasms a woman experiences, they become more vivid.


Imagination of people who love sex has no limits, but there are two most common postures for sex with 2 men. In the first position she makes a gentle blowjob to one of her partners and is in the vaginal intercourse with the other partner. The second position is more extreme in the terms of sensations. Most often, it is called the «double penetration» as the vaginal and anal sex is occurring at the same time. For having sex with 2 men in this position she has to take the position of the rider with one partner, and at the same time the other partner enters her in her ass from the behind. Again, men can be interchanged by mutual consent of the parties. Sex with 2 men brings a lot of pleasure and caresses to a woman. And yet not everyone is ready to cross the line of morality.


Threesome, of course, is practiced not only by free men and women, but also by those who are married for a long time already. But if the preservation of harmonious family relations is more important for you than the dream of having sex with two men, then, inviting the third party into your bed you are to discuss it with your loved one for sure. While almost every man with no doubt will agree to have sex with 2 girls, not everyone would like to share their bed of love and their wives with another man. But if a woman is not going to abandon this idea, the approach to this issue has to be very careful, when pushing man to the unauthorized agreement on such adventure.

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