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In the times that preceded the sexual revolution in most countries of the civilized world, the sex was the taboo topic. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a situation in which it is impossible to talk about sex, or, what is more, to mention it in any context, even whispering. But until the seventies of the twentieth century, people lived in such reality, but who would not say, and sex existed and everyone had it.

Were there any publications about sex at the time, whether it’s the sex newspaper or magazine about the intim? Find the answer to this question is not itself an easy task, because many years have passed. But evidence that the prohibition on sex was violated is present.


Before many modern men have started to get involved in erotic magazines and Hugh Hefner created the «Playboy» there existed sex newspaper which played the role of room for ads of erotic character, sex stories, articles or many other things, one way or another related to the intim and the relationships between opposite sexes. It’s safe to say that sex newspaper created the basis for what we can now find in other publications or on the Internet. In fact, such articles, stories or ads of the girls who are able to give love and pleasure for payment were placed one time into one sex paper.

Indeed, the new generation, which cannot at times believe that there was a time when there was no TV, no Internet, it is difficult to believe that in the past men admired the photos of naked women and girls in the newspapers. Sex papers were carefully hidden, lest they accidentally ended up in the hands of others, and especially not caught the eye of children. That sex paper published such the light erotic that it is now is not surprising for any student at all, and then it could make each adult man get shy.

Real sex paper is a rarity nowadays. After reviewing the contents of this paper, or just read a little, you can see how far the mankind has stepped forward. And it’s not just about the appearance of the Internet, but how things have changed morality and ethics of people in the world, and in the post-Soviet countries in particular. Sex paper nowadays even sounds silly and unimaginable. But if the people of the past saw our modern life, they would be horrified.

There was also a tendency for the sex notes, erotic pictures or stories were published not only in the specialized sex paper, but also in quite a decent magazine or newspaper. Yes, along with pages for kids, crosswords, there were pages, as we may call them, for the adults.

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