Sex orgies – do not stay indifferent

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Sex orgy may be called the sexual interaction with more than two members. The statistics says that nowadays great amount of people have tried themselves in the group sex at least once.

The most widely spread form of the group sex is the threesome – when there already exists the deep-seated triangle of partners. There are also some interim types, for example, it happens sometimes, that a few couples have sex in the same room. Eventually, the morality becomes wider and nothing hinders them to become closer.


In the case of such relationships the danger to get infected with the various venereal diseases increases. And from the psychological point of view there may appear problems of jealousy, rivalry, and the problems with the feeling of inferiority.

The positives of the sex orgies:

The bored family couple can set their sexual energy free without any scandal secret ties. The partners can admire each other in the orgy.

Sex orgy may please the man that hasn’t get enough of variety in the sex. During the orgy he can do everything he wants with anybody.

The atmosphere of the orgies can be very arousing. The sight and sounds of the sixteen people making love may impress each of us, at the same time improving our sexual life.


Everything is done honestly and austere. Each person is here because of sex and that is the only reason. You are not to worry about the very complicated romantic relations, you are not to give promises. You are not to go to the concert with a woman when you hate the classical music. All you need to do is to find the one you like and put your cock in.

You can get to know something new for you. These people around you can show a new sexual trick, and even two of them.

You can get everything you want or, at least everything you can withstand. In reality women are better adapted to the orgies, as far as they can continue, and continue… But, notwithstanding the outcome of the events it is unlikely that you’ll go home unsatisfied.


It is wonderful because of its irresponsibility. It is a usual thing that women, who are going to take part in the orgy will take care of the contraceptives by their own. Leave your preservatives at home if the invitation doesn’t require bringing them by. In any case there won’t be any troubles considering the pregnancy. If any of women has managed to conceive it will be a difficult thing for her to say which one out nine did it.

It is comparatively safe, because the majority of the sex orgies take place in the private houses or flats, and the chances that someone may break down the door and rush in are insignificant. Anyway, such danger still exists as well as the danger to be robbed or be involved into the scrimmage, and that is never to be excluded when you make deals with the prostitutes.

That can free you from felling shy after you’ll go through all this and everyone sees you naked. Everyone looks the same and you understand that no one can be higher than you.

The excitement from the orgy can transfer to your usual sexual life. A small orgy leaves strong memories.

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