Sex on the table: 5 detailed instructions

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You have already tried a lot of different places for sex, but haven’t tried a table still? Well, after reading this manual you can bravely try new things and, experience your new sides and new edges of your pleasure.

Despite this piece of furniture was created for comfortable eating, nothing impedes its substandard usage. If you are bored with the bed and looking for some new places for a nice pastime we will tell you about a few interesting positions, by means of which you can diversify your sex life. Simply believe that the sex on the table can be wonderful.


What is necessary for this? Traditionally – a man and a woman. And a strong sturdy table, that won’t break after the first frictions and won’t break into your intimate idyll.

Sex on the table. Comfort and pleasure

Every surface that is on the same level as the man’s groin is suitable for this sexual position. Of course, table is the best variant. In this sex position woman sits down on the edge of the table, slightly leaning back and resting her hands on the table, and puts the legs on chairs set on either side of man. He stays between her legs and enters her smoothly, and starting to make frictions holding woman’s waist or buttocks and pulling her to himself.


Sex on the table. Sexual scissors

It is a substandard pose for sex, especially on the table, but if you’ll master it, it’s likely to become one of your favorite ones. Woman is laying on her back on the table, man enters her and crosses her legs in front of himself. In time of frictions he has to cross her legs and free them, so that her vagina will tighten and then relax clutching his penis of relaxing again.

Sex on the table. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Woman is laying on her back on the table so, that her buttocks didn’t stay on the table but extended over its edge. After that she lays her legs, not necessarily straightened, upon the partner’s shoulders. In such position the man can see the process, and that will give him additional excitement, and also that will allow to act more uninhibited, and bring his beloved a new pleasure.

Sex on the table. Doggy style

It appeared to be that the customary position “doggy style” can be used quite differently if the table is also used. Everything is standard: the man is behind, and the woman has to lay her throat on the table. In such position it is possible to have both classical and anal sex, and with a little effort, you can get maximum pleasure.

Sex on the table. Legs in hands

Woman lays face downwards so, that her legs are hanging down from the table. He enters her from the back, lifts up her legs and holds them in the air. Such position provides maximum deep penetration. Besides, when it is clear that she is close to the orgasm, he can put his hands onto her hips – that can enhance the effect.


You can pick up a prostitute in Kiev right now, and together you can have the hot sex on the table. Go ahead towards the pleasure – try all the below described variants, and don’t forget to try the anal games – add a maximum of the new.