Sex on the side

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The pose sex on the side is perfect, and very often is applicable in the bed by the couples in love. It provides the maximum closeness of bodies, the opportunity to caress each other, kiss, and tell sweet and tender words of love. In general, sex on the side gives a sense of intimacy and the sea of pleasure from the sexual act.

Sex on the side has a lot of benefits and advantages. Besides the fact that the lovers are very close to each other, almost in the embrace of each other, a beautiful view of the penetration of his flesh into her body opens to the partner. Also, sex on the side is rich with the rhythms. You can slowly enjoy each other, kiss and caress, and then speed up greatly, then slow down again. Such interleaving of rhythms and speed help to get the unforgettable orgasm.


To skip to this position is quite easy from the missionary position – just lie down on the side. Ideally the position on the side will be the most convenient and pleasant if the woman hugs the man’s waist with her legs. It will be convenient to move, and caress each other. Do not worry that the partner can pounce with all his weight on the leg of the woman – take the position, in which the pressure of on the leg will be negligible.

Sex on the side has a few variations. Conditionally and simply they can be called the front and the backside. The first option is already clear, and the second has the other name – “the spoons». Sex on the side backside will not allow to penetrate the most deeply, but you can lie at an angle, when the point of «G» will be exposed to the highest stimulation. Moreover, a man can caress the chest, thighs, stomach of the woman, giving her additional pleasant sensations. Sex on the side is ideal for pregnant women, even in the last stages of gestation.

There exist the unusual variants of sex on the side. We will briefly describe several of these positions.

— The man lies on his side, as in the classical sex on the side. The woman lies closer to his penis perpendicular to his body and shifts her legs over his pelvis. Resting his feet on the surface, the woman can control the movement and the angle of penetration will surely be unusual for both partners.

— Next posture implies the union of two sexual positions — on the side plus pose 69. Partners are head to toe on the side, facing each other. To some extent, pose 69 on the side is even a little more comfortable that the classic pose 69. Try the oral sex on the side – the experience promises to be interesting.

— In this position, the woman is lying on her side. One of her legs is raised high enough; man is standing on his knees so that her vagina is right in front of him. He lays down on his shoulder her raised leg and enters her. This sex should please everyone who loves Doggie-style.


— This position will be very interesting in terms of sensations and location of partners towards to each other. Both partners lying on their sides «head to toe» facing each other. One leg of the man passes between the legs of a woman, and vice versa. The pose is quite unusual, and can bring the same unusual and new sensations.

Even the cheap prostitutes of Kiev can tell and show everything about these and other poses for sex on the side. If you’re interested, you can try even strapon on the side. It will surely become the vivid memory of your sex life.