Sex on a visit 03 Сен

Many of us go on a visit – somebody often, somebody rarely and somebody all the time. Wherein, quite often after a few glasses of alcohol the strong sexual attraction to your partner overtakes you. What to do now? There a few variants, but all of them include risk, so the sex on a visit can surely be called extreme sex.

Most often the guests sit in the living or dining room, if available, and that is why bedroom is one of the most suitable places to have sex. But the seclusion in someone else’s bedroom when the house/flat is full of guests may have the unintended consequences. You cannot close the door, because if somebody founds it out it becomes clear what you are doing there right away. And if the door is open everyone can enter the bedroom every moment and after that it is unlikely that you will be able to deal with any of the people present at the event.

The second variant is the bathroom. This variant will certainly cause the least amount of suspicion even if the door will be closed. The bathroom is the most comfortable for sex from the point of view of hygiene because the water for its maintaining is always at hand. But, of course, you cannot prolong the pleasure for a long time because there are a lot of people in the house who will soon line up to use this room as intended.


Instead of bathroom there is a water closet that can be used to have sex on a visit. But it has a lot of disadvantages: inconvenience because of the small space and very strict time limits as far as it is the most popular room in the house, especially when the house is full of guests.

If you do not feel a single drop of strength to overcome such a strong desire, well, you can come up with any excuse to leave the place of a visit for a while. Leaving the rest of guests you broaden up the range of places for a much desired coition.  The staircase can become one of such places. But it is not very hygienic, no9t very comfortable, and, moreover the inhabitants of the house may catch you at any time.

There can be several more such places: elevator, basement, the roof of the house. These places will be more or less suitable according to different circumstances. Time of the day and season of the year are such circumstances. The later the smaller is the opportunity that you will be suddenly caught by the passers-by or inhabitants of the house. The warmer is the season the more comfort you’ll get, because you won’t be cold and will have fewer clothes on you.


The car is more or less good place to have sex on a visit. You can leave it in any dark alley and have sex there. Not to make your friends worry it’s enough to say that you are going out for a few minutes to get some fresh air. And if you don’t want to feel cold you need to heat up the car beforehand.

Sex on a visit suggests a significant number of obstacles, but it is worth of it, isn’t it? Such love is for those who has extreme in their veins. You’d better think it over before fall for the sudden desire immediately.

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