Sex in the water, and even…sex under the water

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For those, who want to diversify their sexual life it’s recommended to try sex in the water. The most widely spread type of sex in the water is, of course, sex in the bath. Gentle warmth of the water and elastic stream, directed on the genitals – all this is very arousing and pleasant. Having sex in the bath you are not to tap too much water, because it can pour over the edge while the moves are too intensive.

The best positions for sex in the bath is when the woman is on the top, and the man help her to make moves.  Before having sex in the water, it’s necessary to wash off the shower gel, shampoo and soap. Detergents can get onto the intimate organs and cause irritation, especially if the skin is sensitive. There is the risk to slip, so you are to control all your moves. There is also an inconvenience that the natural vaginal lubricant is washed away by the water. So there is a need to use special water-based lubricants.


Sex in the water can be very various. Sex in the shower – is another type of sex in the water.  Sometimes it’s even more comfortable than sex in the bath. The woman gets a lot of pleasure if her partner will direct the streams of water on the different parts of her body. Clitoris is especially sensitive to the streams of water. The natural lubricant is almost not washed off during the sex in the shower, and the water splashes make sex even more exciting.

It is possible to have sex in the sea, lake or river. The body weights less in the water, that’s why you can try the most unimaginable positions. And the waves, which bump against the bare bodies, are very arousing. But also there are the disadvantages. The problems with erection may appear in the cold water. The natural lubricant will be washed off by the water. Also, there are lots of germs in the water. The risk to catch something bad is higher in the unleavened water compared to the salty water.


Sex in the pool is the most comfortable and safe type of sex in the water. Of course, the most convenient is to have your own pool. The advantage of such pool is in that that there is no any chlorine there which is always present in the public pools. The chlorine can cause allergic reaction and the skin irritation, especially on the intimate parts of your body.


Sex under the water is very popular type of sex nowadays. To learn how to have sex under the water it is necessary to pass a special training. For such trainings there exist special instructors. During the sex under the water, the partners put on the aqualungs with one oxygen cylinder for two. Of course, it is possible to use two cylinders, but the majority of couples prefer to use one for two what is not so safe. Sex under the water is very specific and includes a lot of difficulties. To take the diving costume off is quite difficult activity to do in the water; the same is with putting it on. During the sexual interaction various microbes, sand, bacteria and all that that exists in the seawater can get into the vulva.


Kiev prostitutes have a great experience in the sexual affairs, and, of course, they know about the sex in the water firsthand. They are ready to show you all their skills and sleight in sex under the water right now. It won’t be odd for the married couples to diversify their intimate life by means of such water games.