Sex in the train

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Among the articles and sex stories on our blog, you already had the opportunity to read about sex in the train. And today we are going to tell you one more spicy story, which once had a place to happen in the car of the express.

It happened at the end of the summer. In the sea resorts the velvet season came and the express train gone from the capital in the direction to the nearest sea coast with the white sand still warm. It should be said that not a lot of vacationers  were in that train, and it is hard to say about the reason of that, but, most likely, it was just a coincidence. HQ sexy girls wallpapers packs 32423423435543 (35)

Mary and Denis were already for three years together. After this time, they finally realized that need each other and their love is exactly reciprocal and strong. At the beginning of the summer there was made small but very fun wedding with the closest relatives and friends invited. The presented money the couple invested into the real estate – they bought a small flat, where already began to build their family nest. First they thought not to arrange honeymoon at all, but then realized that both of them needed some rest  and wanted just to stay away from everyone, and enjoy each other.

Young couple decided not to spend much money on vacation and do not allocate to it the whole month, but only a couple of weeks, and have gone not so far just to relax on the beaches and enjoy the last summer heat, and, of course, each other. The trip lasted about fifteen hours. Can you imagine the overwhelming desire to love tormented both lovers who had just decided to be together forever? This is what we are going to tell you about.


So there were not many passengers in the train. The couple was traveling in the coupe with two fellow passengers, who were not going to go out earlier than them. In this coupe Denis and Mary could not afford even a brief kiss what to talk about sex. The idea about sex in the train seemed to them simply unthinkable. But they were madly attracted to each other, and the ideas were coming to mind by themselves, one after another.

After walking through the carriage, they found an empty compartment, and having waited for the right moment, quickly run there and locked the door. It seemed that the clothing had instantly flew away from them by itself miraculously. Covering the bodies of each other with kisses they also immediately merged into a single whole on the bottom shelf of the coupe. Sex in the train of two newlyweds with each second was becoming even more passionate. The young bodies drunk each other, writhing in pleasure as the young birch trees stagger in the first spring wind. Resilient and long cock of Denis penetrated far into the depths of the womb of Mary and her vagina squeezed it with every move tighter stronger. From the missionary position on the shelf, they moved to the Doggie-style in the middle of the coupe. Lovers seemed that the entire composition of the train is moving to the beat of their movements, and they continued to move all the more vigorously. Sex in the train overheated their bodies, and they both were on the verge of explosion of an overfill pleasure and the hormones of happiness.


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