Sex in the summer cottage will give only pleasant memories

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What is so attractive in the sex in the summer cottage? First of all, that gives the opportunity to use all the objects of nature for your games. And that is the reason why it is to be considered as the sex in the nature, because without nature sex in the summer cottage loses all its beauty. And still, you’ll be provided with the higher level of comfort and safety than, for example, during the hike. You won’t have to worry about the roof over your head in the case of a bad weather, about the supplies of water or where to leave your belongings.


One more plus in the sex in the summer cottage is the opportunity to combine the romantic date with the picnic. Important is the fact if your summer cottage is situated on the territory of the guarded administration, and that is the warranty of the high level of safety. And that’s why you can just seat by the fire the whole night long, sing songs and make love. Nobody and nothing can disturb you. And if there is a forest or a river not far from your place you can take a walk there. So, we can conclude  that sex in the summer cottage is the civilized variant of the sex in the nature. It owns all of its pluses and, at the same time, is deprived of the disadvantages.


To be honest, the sex in the summer cottage doesn’t differ greatly from the sex at home. In the case you won’t decide to have sex in the flower-bed or in the middle of the lawn. But even in such case the fence will protect you from the passers-by.

It’s worth to try:

Sex in the attic. It will remind you of the stormy youth and give your relationships some sort of the “hooligan” shade.

Sex in the nature at the sunset. It is very romantic and absolutely unforgettable. The birds’ songs and soft grass will create unique atmosphere.

Sex under the rain. It is a quite extreme sex in the nature, it is for those, who love the thrills. And only in the summer cottage you can try to fulfill such experiment with ease.


What is not worth to do:

It won’t be a very great idea to have sex in the garden bed. Remember, that, first of all the plants and the soil under them can be treated with chemicals. And, secondly, there is the risk that you can be disturbed by some caterpillars and different beetles.

Do not have sex under the burning sun. Choosing such sex in the summer cottage you are risking getting burns or the sunstroke.

Do not choose the weekend for such adventures. Because during the weekend the majority of the citizens go to the summer cottages to have rest.  And that means you won’t have enough peace and pacification.

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