Sex in the stairwell

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Denis and Alex were returning from the party late in the evening. They were joyful and laughing loudly, remembering the funny moments from the party. The alcohol did its job well. In the frosty evening two young people were not cold at all in the deserted park, where only the winter wind blew alone.

Denis and Alex knew each other from the early childhood. This day they had met the first time for the past five years. Now, when the blood in their blood vessels was running faster than ever, and they weren’t cold, they were ready to walk to the morning of the next day just to tell each other about all the changes in their lives for the last years.


They had had a walk to the 3 AM, and were not tired at all, but the cruel January put the temperature of air lower and lower, and it was getting very cold. They tried to get warm in different, but still it was better to stay in a warm room for an hour or so. They had nowhere to go. Their small town was already sleeping, and it was almost impossible to find any open shop.

But soon these two at least came to some bar, and drank a couple of glasses of the mulled wine, which had warmed them up, but their thoughts became even more intoxicated. The friends were talking about different things. The topic of sex was discussed as well. Denis asked his friend if he ever tried to have sex in the stairwell. For that question Alex gave the negative answer and asked his friend the same question. “Sex in the stairwell has become one of the brightest memories of my life”, — answered Denis. Alex was not surprised by this answer at all, as far as all their friends knew Denis and knew about the way of life he led.

Denis wished to tell this story to Alex. “That happened thanks to the same situation as we have right now. It was very cold outside. I was walking with the girl I was dating at that period, and we hadn’t had the opportunity to stay alone that day. I have offered her to try the sex in the stairwell, as far as we hadn’t any other variants, but we swept away by the desire of sex. It was already late and we weren’t afraid to be noticed by somebody at all. That girl, how it appears later, was very inventive in sex. So, everything is to have the order. We had entered the first open stairwell. We were already taking clothes off from each other, kissing passionately and she got the condom out of my pocket very fast.

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She hah began with the oral sex. After dropping down my trousers, she carefully but strongly pressed my penis with her lips and made a few moves very pleasant to me. Then she stood her back to me, and the beautiful view of her nice ass was opened to me. Leaned on the wall she was waiting for my decisive actions. Then I owned her. She was very wet inside, and I had felt all the vibrations of her body after my slightest moves. I am remembering that sex in the stairwell till today’s day as the most extreme sex in my life”.

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