Sex in the shower

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Sex in the shower, although not the most comfortable, but those who have tried it assert that it is incomparable pleasure and the tightness only adds extreme and new sensations. Sex in the shower not only leaves memories of great sex, but also is rich of the means of preludes. In the bathroom you can diversify even ordinary stroking of the partner, for now, for this you can use the soap, foam, gels and shampoos with a variety of exciting flavors, or just a stream of hot water.

So, let’s start with the preludes. The preludes to the sex in the shower are, probably, sometimes more pleasant than the prelude to sex in the bed. In the shower, you have nowhere to hide from the light and won’t turn it off, that is why the man can enjoy the view of the charms of his partner under the falling water drops. And this is exactly the reason why, if your relationships are still not very strong and you are shy of your partner, the sec in the shower is not for you.


For the sex in the shower was remembered by pleasant sensations a few simple rules must be observed. Perhaps it won’t surprise anybody that during the sex in places, where the humidity is increased in many times, use of a condom will not be successful. The fact that it simply will crawl constantly is quite logical. But also the hot tap water, the exact chemical substances that it contains have a negative effect on the latex, from which the condoms are made, and it can simply be torn.

Water washes away the natural lubrication that is why it is obligatory to use artificial lubricant to enjoy the sex in the shower. Moreover, selecting a lubricant for sex in the shower, remember that the foundation had to be oil, or silicone, but in any case not water, because in the water it will also be ineffective.


The third rule is the prevention of injury. The statistics shows unpleasant data, which indicates that the majority of injuries during the sex occur precisely during the sex in the water. If you have planned sex in the shower, do not forget to protect yourself and your partner, and take care in advance about what will make the shower floor or bottom of the tub less slippery.

As for the sex poses in the shower, there is a small number of them, as there is a serious limitation in square meters of space. Typically, bathrooms, and furthermore, showers are not very large. If you and your partner like the penetration from the behind, the sex in the shower is suitable for you without any doubts. You can sex while standing, as far as she will have the solid reliance for he was able to penetrate as deep as possible. But the disadvantage of this position is that it is suitable for the partners of the nearly the same height. And even if the height of the partners is significantly different, in the bathroom there is definitely something that will help her become a little higher for the penetration was as comfortable as possible.


In the next position the woman pressed against the wall, and the man enters from the front. Even if you were gushed by the passion suddenly, this position will be not only comfortable, but also will bring maximum pleasure. In the tight space of the bath-room the doggy-style position will be even more that simply convenient. Also suitable for sex in the shower would be almost all of the possible poses sitting. For example, a man may sit cross-legged, and the woman then sits on his knees, entering the penis into the vagina.

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