Sex in the school

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Everyone react differently to the phrase «sex in the school.» Someone may be indignant, saying, that the morality has already gone away. Others are thinking about that how to feel the sex in school by their own, but someone is immersed into the memories of the love affair in educational institutions. And if you lack these personal memories, we will tell you how to have sex in school.

Helen and Eugene lived in the same town. So, as the town was small, many were familiar with each other, and especially closely communicates the youth. Eugene and Helen get acquainted with the help of their mutual friends. Very soon they have became friends the couple in love, and were quite happy with this and happy together.


The months passed, and then several years have passed. Time has shown that friends of Helen and Eugene were very good pimps, because there was love between partners was strong and warm and strong relationship. Came the one of the most joyous and beautiful days in the life of lovers – Eugene made Alena the marriage proposal. Sure, she was looking forward to this, but Jack was proud of it.

The wedding was to be held in six months. The wedding was to be held in six months. Preparations were made, and everything seems to be on scheduled. But the bride and groom could not calm down. It was all about … it is not clear what. The guy and the girl treated the match, which they had to make soon, very seriously, but inside both of them there lived an irresistible desire to perform some crazy adventure, rash act, which would cause a powerful release of testosterone into the blood.


Lovers were thinking it over for a very long time, and could not choose the kind of extreme, which would bring the desired effect for sure. Meanwhile the wedding day was nearing. And one morning, Helen understood that both of them needed. This idea, which was to implement all the wishes and preferences of both of them, was called «sex in school.» Once the idea was accepted, the lovers began to plan it, and then implemented it…

They didn’t have any acquaintances which might help her get to the school territory, and they weren’t going to create them. But they have fulfilled their ideas. Will you ask how? The fact is that Helen and Eugene were not very tall, and looked much younger than their age. Therefore it was easy to get to one of the school parties – it was enough just to know the right place and the right time.

It was Halloween. In one of the biggest schools in the city there was held the evening devoted to the holiday. Due to the fact that for all guests of the festival there was a mandatory dress code, Helen and Eugene entered the building together with a crowd of students unnoticed by anyone. After a bit of wandering, they found the empty open class. Fellow and girl could not imagine that they would be so lucky. And while Eugene was locking up the door Helen had a strong desire to feel him inside as quickly as possible. The danger and the game amused and excited both of them…


Using costumes as a bed, the young people merged together on the floor of a school class. Their bodies were hot, breathing deep and somewhat quickened, and the heart was pounding twice as fast. They loved the slow sex. Breaking the silence only by quiet sighs, in order not to be heard, they were enjoying each other. Her vagina tightly hugged his thick penis, and with every friction seemed to want it to stay inside of its possessions. Eugene was passionately kissing her chest, and tenderly licking the nipples, and Helen was enjoying it and waiting for him to return to her lips, to reward him with the deep, full of love kiss. They were endlessly glad that you have reached their goal and have now decided not to hurry to go away from there. They changed a few positions and rhythms, covering the each other’s bodies with kisses…

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