Sex in the public transport

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The fact that in the public transport you can catch any of the possible diseases is well-known for a long time already. Thousands of people use it every day, and potentially they can be the carriers of hundreds of diseases.

Vadim was in already quite mature age. A year ago, he finished a prestigious university, and now had a responsible and profitable job. He was very curious, and hence was very erudite and interested in many things besides his profession. Vadim could not help himself — he was longing for about sex in the public transport. Undoubtedly he knew about the dangers of this kind of adventure, but it impelled him to embody his dream even more.

Returnin in the evening from work, Vadim went on any kind of public transport, then hungrily stuck into the faces, legs, chests, hips of beautiful young girls, who happened to be his traveling companions. Girls often caught on themselves the shameless glances of the young man, blushed and tried to hide from them, but he seemed to pursue them, and even after seeing the confusion and sometimes fear in the eyes of the girls that excited him, Vadim could not do anything with himself, despite education and social status.


Vadim did not hesitate about such his dream, and told about it to friends and colleagues with pleasure without any shame. Some of them laughed, some considered such hobby to be strange and vulgar, some just didn’t perceive it seriously. After some period Vadim has found a girlfriend.  He even didn’t confess to himself that he was dating her only fulfill his dream of the sex in the public transport. After all, being an educated man, he knew that the decent girl will not consent to such a frenzy thing.

They were in the bus when it was getting dark. Rush hour was long over, and there were only several passengers in it, but the bus wasn’t absolutely empty. When Vadim comfortably sat down on one of the seats in the back of the bus, the girl sat on him in the rider pose. There was nothing else under the short skirt, and the protruding penis of Vadim lusted to possess the girl immediately. The girl slowly introduced the penis into her body and began the rhythmic movement by her hips. Sex in the public transport, apparently, was pleasant to her now the same as to Vadim. And he seemed not to believe that his dream becomes true.


No one has noticed the first minute of sex of the young couple on the back seat, but soon the bus was full of whispers, crabbed indignation, some even were courageous to offence the breakers of law. But there was nobody who could come closer to the couple. But that aroused Vadim and his partner, and they couldn’t stop themselves from breathing deeply and loudly. Soon the bus was empty, as far as nobody could watch that show for a long time, and Vadim’s sex in the public transport was coming to its end. The filled with sperm condom he tied up and put away very fast and slick, and they run out of the bus at the nearest stop.


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