Sex in the plane – how to feel a heavenly pleasure

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All of us have different tastes in spending long hours during the flight in the plane’s cabin: somebody is reading, somebody tries to kill their fears of flights by means of something really strong, somebody is snoring making their neighbors angry, and somebody is crying making their parents blushing. Only true extreme lovers venture for more serious ways of spending their free time in the skies – having sex.


The first man ever, who dared to do this, was Lawrence Sperry, the inventor of the automatic pilot. By means of sex he wanted to draw attention to his invention, and he did it; also he gained great popularity thanks to such feat. Maybe, it was he, who became legislator of sex during the flight.

Well, many of us can say, that it was easier to do some time ago: because of the terrorist threat all around the world, the crew members watch all the passengers’ moves very carefully and very attentively. And, it seems, that more careful are some passengers – because of being afraid for their own life. Really, there are lots of obstacles to the sensual gratification of soul, and, what is more important, body, and we really don’t advise you to do this during the flight. But, if the risk to be deported to your motherland from the very beginning of you tour doesn’t stop you, and, what is worse, even the risk to get into the jail in the foreign country (for example in UAE you can surely be imprisoned for sex in the plane) – so, go ahead to your extravagant senses.

Method #1 – the lavatory

The first and, maybe, the most difficult thing you can face when trying sex in the plane is stewardesses. They watch everyone, and, for real, they don’t miss a trick. The only one way out here is the time of dinner (and this suits only for long flights). While the stewardesses are busy, you have the possibility to sneak to the lavatory without being noticed by the crew, and there stay for a half an hour, but not more, to please your partner with such gift.


If the flight is short and the dinner is not served during the flight, you can add a little bit of acting talent – a girl pretends that she doesn’t feel well and asks her partner to led her to the lavatory. You probably won’t be suspected, but everything has to look natural.

Method #2 – immediately in the seat

Far more extreme variant, and very limited both in the range of positions, and the possibilities of fulfilling of this way of having sex during the flight.

Oral sex is one thing, and quite another is more traditional – the things are more complex with it. The first thing: is it worth to say that such method is appropriate to use during the flights that last not less than 7-10 hours – these are flights to another continents. The second thing: this is to be the night flight. The third thing: the cabin of the plane has to be half empty. And, finally, the fourth thing: for this you are to choose the last raw of seats.


And lastly, a few more advices for having sex in the air. Girl is certainly not to  wear trousers or shorts. You are to take care about a skirt in advance – this will provide you with the possibility not to spend your time for undressing and dressing.

But don’t forget that it is possible to feel heavenly pleasure here on earth, and the elite prostitutes of Kiev will embody all of you’re the most intimate fantasies. Try the 69 sex position with our charming stewardesses.