Sex in the late age

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The sex relationship between man and woman is not limited by a peculiar period of life or age. That fact that the physical state of both partners changes with years isn’t a signal to stop the sexual life yet.

The man after the age of 60 are quite sexually active and the women start to give way as far as after the climax their libido decreases. It happens that women have the protracted climax that may continue from 6 to 7 years, and that is the impediment to the physical intimacy. Also, after the woman’s menopause the level of sex hormones declines and the dryness in the genital tract is marked.


The scientists consider sex to be one of the odds of the longevity. But is it so in reality? Already known for a long time is the fact that the active sexual life helps to improve the state of health. Sex in the late age has a positive effect on the physical and psychological health. Both old men and women who have active sexual life have better self-appraisal, good mood, stronger spiritual connection with the partner.


Men at the age of 60 need the regularity in sex. If the man refrains from sexual contact after the age of 60, his sexual function will fade and it will be difficult for him to restore erection. Regular and moderate sexual acts – almost the same as sport – contribute to the training of the organism. And if the man of such age have sex rarely and the pauses between the intercourses are too long he is risking to have the heart attack. But if the man lives a healthy lifestyle he can be active in sex for a long time.


Could sex in the late age become impossible and when? The flourishing of man’s strength and beauty accounts for the period  from 30 to 34 years old. After that comes the stability. If the man has bad habits: drinking, smoking and absence of sport – after the age of 40 he’ll not only lose good physical shape, but also he may have problems with his sexual health. As for the women, the menopause occurs in a different way for each of them. Sometimes the climacterium may come to a woman at the age of 36. The hormonal disorders, thyroid disease and other may be the reason of the early climacterium. It is important to check you thyroid at the endocrinologist periodically, at least once a year. If the woman has the climacterium at the age of 55-56 she is able to have sex and can give all the joy and completeness of the intimate feelings to her man, the same as get it.

Sex in the late age is not so bright and pleasant as during the youth. The passion and appetence disappears, and the physical state of the organism doesn’t give the opportunity to go through the long load, such as sex. But sex in the late age has its advantages. It seems that the period of courtship resumes. The period when you want to tell and hear the words of love, give and feel kisses and petting, you want some romantics, and the intimate life contributes to all of this.


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