Sex in the arm-chair

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Many couples need to diversify their sexual life. In the earlier published articles we have already described different types of the extreme sex: from the sex in the elevator to the sex in the water, and even under the water. The well-established couples are getting tired of the monotonous sex life. Because each sexual interaction is like the previous one and that is repeated every time, and as the result everything merges into gray and uninteresting weekdays. Even the most conservative people want to diversify their sexual life. The arm-chair can help with it.


To make love in some positions in the arm-chair you have to own a particular level of flexibility and agility, but at the same time it will be very comfortable and pleasing sex, if the arm-chair is good enough. The ideal arm-chair for sex is soft, but not too soft to let the partners move actively. Also it has not to be too high and too deep. And more, the lower the arm-chair, the better.

It’s a bit surprising, that there are so many positions that may be used for sex in the arm-chair. The short instructions are given below. We hope that you’ll use at least a few of them.


She is standing on the arm-chair on her knees and hold the back of the arm-chair. He is standing on his feet and enters her from the behind. Sex on the armchair in this position gives the partner the opportunity to caress the woman’s clitoris and breasts, giving her the additional pleasure.


She is laying across the armchair and touches the floor with her feet. He enters her from the behind. After that she can lift up the bent feet, or bend only one foot, and touch the floor with the other, or bring the legs together standing on the floor. Such variations with the position of legs let you change a few angles of penetration using only one position, and get the absolute pleasure form it.



He sits in the arm-chair comfortably; she takes the position of rider on him and hangs down her legs over the armrests. In such position it is very comfortable for a woman to move, leaning on the armrests behind her. Besides, the partners have the opportunity to kiss and pet each other. From this position you can gently go to the other one: she leans down holding his arms and lies onto his legs. It is very comfortable and giving a lot of pleasure position. Watching at the woman when she reaches orgasm gives the additional stimulation to the man.


He sits in the arm-chair comfortably; she sits on his knees sideways, hanging one leg between his legs and the other hangs down over the armrest . Such sex in the arm-chair gives the opportunity to find the “G” point far more faster.

He sits in the arm-chair, she sits on him. After he entered her, she leans and lies down onto his legs resting her hands on the floor. It will be difficult for the woman to stay in such position for a long time, but it worth of it. Besides, the man can caress all the parts of the woman’s body with his hands.



For this position you are to use the additional support. And then you’ll get the sex in the arm-chair a la “doggy-style”. He sits in the arm-chair, she sits on him back-to-face and rests her hands on the support in front of her. What you get: the maximum stimulation of the “G” spot and a lot of other exciting se4nsations.


This position has appeared to be the last one not accidentally – it’s a sort of a desert. If the arm-chair is low, this position will be the ideal one. She sits comfortably in the arm-chair and spreads her legs widely, he stands on his knees and enters her, the man has the great view and that additionally  stimulates him. The hands of both partners are free and they can pet each other enough. Sex in the arm-chair in such position allows changing the vaginal sex to the cunnilingus fast and vise versa. The partners can move towards each other or round. She can hug his waist with her legs and that will give the ocean of pleasant sensations to both partners.

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