Sex in summer

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Summer is the perfect time to diversify your sex life. Warm weather offers plenty of places for privacy and caressing each other. Therefore, sex in summer offers many opportunities that can become the magical discovery in the world of sex and give new sensations.

In youth the sexual desire is especially strong. And walking in the park in summer, the partners may want each other right here and right now. Summer is the time then the fulfillment of such desires doesn’t give any trouble. We have briefly told about some of the most romantic and extreme places for this in this article.

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The first thing that is associated with the phrase “sex in the summer” is for many people sea, sand, sun and sex on the beach. Yes, everyone has to try this for sure. But if you relax in summer not at the sea but in the woods, what kind of sex is the most romantic in this case? In nature, with a tent, with a guitar and near a fire – isn’t it a romantic vacation? You barely have reached the halt, or your destination and found yourself with a loved eye-to-eye in a tent, and beyond its borders there is only nature – birds’ songs, the sound of water and the rustling of leaves. The danger of being noticed is reduced to minimum. And seclusion increased to the maximum.

If you live in a big city, in the summer you want to get to the countryside – to the green grass, warm water and silence. Sex on the green lawn in the summer, away from the city and outsiders will surely be remembered by its romance and newness. Only imagine: you and your loved one, clean summer sky and the sun over your head, and trees’ branches are swaying gently. This is a popular pastime of lovers in summer, so do not be afraid to replenish their ranks and you’ll be proud of it, remembering about smiling.

The view from the roof of the multistoried building is always beautiful, and in the summer nights it’s also warm there, and the city is shining with the lights. Sex in summer on the roof is undoubtedly romantic, since there will be the night sky in stars above you and the life of the city under you. Feel the orgasm closer to the sky.


And did you feel the orgasm in the water? It is easier to try it in summer, and, for sure, the most pleasant. But besides the sex in the water, whether it is the sea, lake or river, you can try to have sex in the boat. But it has to the boat, where you’ll stay alone for sure and will be able to sail a long distance from the bank. Romantic trip on a boat, on a warm summer evening, with a loved one. That is the dream of all the girls in the world! And if it will be complemented by the tender sex it will surely become one of the most pleasant memories.

Well, probably, classical sex in summer is sex in the hayloft. If you happen to be there in the morning or during the rain, the emotions after experiencing an orgasm there will be the brightest.


All of the described places for sex suggest a minor inconvenience or danger. To avoid unpleasant or uncomfortable situations, just think in advance what can be useful for you under different conditions and in different places.

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