Sex in Stockings is Very Exciting for Men!

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The fact! Firstly, stockings were only the privilege of men. In  about the sixteenth century it  worn only men. A little later, this privilege moved to women. The women realized that stockings are not only convenient, but also the are very beautiful. Men are refused from stocking. Although if the men wore them as outerwear, women — as underwear. Stockings have become a truly intimate part of the wardrobe. Interesting, that, for example, Saudi Arabia banned their import into the country under the threat of the death penalty. The Arabs believed that stockings corrupt them. Of course, Arabs are right. Stockings make a woman unbearably seductive and desirable.


In Europe, the stockings became popular no more than a hundred years ago, in the thirties of the twentieth century. At that time, began to produce the first nylon stockings, they were  very expensive. Only in the fifties stockings became available for most women.

Although during the years by  the stockings we could determine social class  of women. Silk stockings were expensive, remained the prerogative of the ladies of high society .Stockings  from the regular jersey issued for «ordinary» women.

Stockings with belt demonstrate individuality, unlike tights. They give  energetic attitude to lady: Coco Chanel has always made skirts no shorter than two-thirds of the thigh  under the stockings. Stockings reveal your identity to men.


Sex in stockings — it’s a dream of whole men. Men like to snoop and spy on women. The graceful leg that touches male hip or located on his shoulder, turned on if she is dressed in a translucent, soft-touch stocking. Sex in stockings associated with role-games. Besides stockings may conceal some imperfections that might be visible when they are absent. It is believed that the girls of easy virtue prefer sex in stockings. The men like to see on a  shapely women legs in stockings. Sex in stockings makes men a little nervous at the sight of the exciting lace inserts and their desire become more and more.


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