Sex in nature

при 18 Окт

Some earlier, some later, but eventually all pairs get bored of sex at home, in a clean, warm bed, all in sex in such circumstances becomes monotonous, and such relationships may suffer. The most effective way to improve the situation — it is to change anything. Changes may be exposed to the atmosphere, the place, time or circumstances.

From the practice of many couples it can be concluded that the most effective help way to diversify the sex life is to change the venue of sex games. People who have already tried it, recommend sex in nature. We tried to find out what is in this so special that makes more and more people try it.


 When we see photos or pictures that depict a pair of lovers who are united together in the woods, on a sunny green meadow or at the sandy beach, we admire the spectacle. But in life, the embodiment of such a picture can have not very pleasant consequences for health, and all plans for good sex are crumbling before our eyes. The picture does not show us how many insects are there on the beautiful green grass, and what discomfort will bring sand from the sea coast, if it gets to the delicate areas of your body.


In order sex in nature brought pleasure and left only pleasant memories, it is best to plan it and prepare as thoroughly as possible. The first thing, which has a direct impact on the sex in nature, is weather. After all, if the weather is cold and rainy, then you will get more hypothermia than pleasure. But perhaps there are extreme fans who will arrange sex in nature in the rain.

If you have a car, then the organization of entertainment called «sex in nature» will be much easier. To sex in nature, and relaxation after sex were complete, you will need to take food, drinks, comfortable bedding and personal hygiene products. Do not forget that sex in nature, which we are talking about here, is the planned sex vacation, but not a sudden gust of desire and passion.


Sex in nature will rather have a form of a picnic, if you brought along any items for entertainment – for example, fishing, badminton or volleyball, as well as a tent. With the tent you will greatly isolate yourself from unpleasant natural manifestations, such as insects, scorching sun or light rain.

Sex in nature increases the level of testosterone in blood, because it is extreme to some degree, brings a lot of positive emotions, and health benefits, and, of course, pleasure. Moreover, being in nature, man feels a surge of energy and masculine strength, his sexuality increases strongly – this can turn into the unforgettable sex. But all this can easily be overshadowed if you do not adhere to this short list of simple rules.

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