Sex in Mexico

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Anton has dreamed to go Mexico the whole his life. Already when at school they studied the South America and were talking about Mexico that situated there, its climate and beauty of nature, and the multiple ancient monuments of humanity, Anton decided that when grew up he will earn money and surely go to Mexico.

Now he is 26. Anton has had a quite adequate self-esteem, he considered that had reached enough aims for his age, as far as he could fend for himself, lived in his own apartments and drove his own car. Besides, this summer he will be able to fulfill his dream at least – to go to Mexico.


This year there will take place the school graduates reunion – the celebrating of the 10th anniversary after the graduation, and Anton was going to visit it. The reunion was appointed to take place on the first Sunday of June. The great part of the class came there. People who met as children now met as adult and independent people. Some might not recognize their school desk neighbors. Anton was very glad to see those people that night, because he considered his classmates to be his close people. He was unable to immediately recognize one of his a classmates Helen, who has really changed much. She was a pretty girl at school and now she became a beautiful woman. During the evening Anton and Helen talked a lot, it has appeared to be that they have a lot in common, and, it seemed that the topics for conversation will never be exhausted. He was very surprised and at the same time happy to the fact that she was unmarried.


They fastened their seat belts. In a few hours, Anton and Lena will be in Mexico. In has appeared that Helen was going to visit this country for a long time, beginning from the student years. Anton was happy and even pleased with such charming company, as Helen was a real beauty.

The first week of staying in Mexico was full of tours, hikes, visiting different monuments and museums. Both were excited with what they saw and never tired to share impressions. They were good together, and Anton understood that he has got a new dream – sex in Mexico. And to be more precise – sex in Mexico with Helen. And soon he discovers that Helen is even not against this all.


When Anton came back to his bedroom from the shower he could hardly recognize it. The candle lights were trembling all around, there was the flavor of strawberries, the red wine in the glasses, and Helen was standing near the window in white and transparent lace dress. She was watching the lights of Mexico. Anton was not taken aback from the realization that his new dream about sex in Mexico will become a reality so quickly.

He came closer quietly and slowly.  Together with the excitement of the arousal increased. One touch of his hand to her neck, and the gentle shiver ran through their bodies. Helen turned around. How beautiful she was! Anton couldn’t cope with himself any longer. He picked her up and went directly to bed.  They were kissing and breathing loudly and deeply with the excitement. He took her gently and carefully, and after the first movements towards each other their bodies got hot, and the silence was pierced by the sounds of love. Excited movements of her elastic magnificent breasts fall to the beat of his quiet moans. He went deeper, and she dug her nails into his back. Charge of pleasure swept over the room, and was embodied in a fantastic orgasm that has caught the lovers simultaneously. In her vagina their liquids mixed, and this blend of their molecules emerged with warm stream on the silk sheets. For a long time she did not get such satisfaction. And the gratitude for pleasure was immediate. She kissed his balls, stroking the head of the penis be the tongue, licking its entire length. Then Anton felt the warmth of her sweet mouth. This warmth spread through his body and the small sparks orgasm stayed at his fingertips. Before that Anton could not imagine that a blowjob could be so enjoyable. Already then, he could say with certainty that this sex in Mexico was the best in his life.


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