Sex in an Elevator it is Unreal Feeling!

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First of all, in the intimacy of your own, accustomed, bedroom gradually ceases to cause any sensation than the comfort and tranquility. This, of course, is quite positive emotions, but they do not contribute to production of acute and unusual pleasure.


In the elevator, as well as in other unusual places, intimacy will cause very different emotions. It can be an  excitement and wonder, but they are all bright and memorable. Your feelings will be strikingly different from the usual.

Nothing would be worthy of your attention in the elevator. That’s why  all feelings, thoughts, everything will be focused only on sex. Sex  in the elevator — it’s unforgettable emotions.


After such an unusual proximity you will certainly have  many  memories. It will be enough of the  one fleeting glance or a whisper  with the code word «lift», and  your night of love in bedroom would be completely different.

Of course, it is almost impossible to have orgasm in a short time of the movement of the lift to the desired floor. But for this  there is a button «stop»! Before starting sex in an elevator you need to check  this magic button, because the neighbors will be very surprised when the door opens.-g_fHuyt6qE

In the elevator is better to use the standing position, because it would be easier to «go out» .And if the elevator has a rail, you can perch there, and feet rest against the opposite wall.

Before you don’t try something  like this, you should think, if you need such a thrill. Still diversify the intimate life you  can be not only by this way. Your intimate life  in your bedroom can refresh  capable and charming prostitutes in Kiev. All secrets and  fantasies may already be translated into reality, they  want  to give you their  elastic asses, they like anal. Call for a specified number and you will get an unforgettable experience.