Sex-games – have heard a lot but never tried?

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Many people cannot find enough courage to confess what they dream about or what new things they wished to thy in bed. But, playing sex-games it’s easier for many people to be open for the partner, because they can turn their sexual fantasies into a joke and lead them as something unserious. Maybe, just this element of novelty and surprise is missing to diversify your sexual life.


Role games in the bed are often associated with the costumed show: nurse or maid dresses, strawberries with cream, sparkling champagne in beautiful glasses and other exquisite surroundings in the spirit of intimate scenes from the legendary Hollywood movies. Sexologists note that role games are possible even without all these things. The main plus of these games is the opportunity to change roles, discover new sides of their sexuality and the partner’s preferences. What rules are there to be for the partners to get mutual pleasure?

On words the role games always seems to be something very tempting, but in reality, if not following a few simple rules, it can turn to be a total failure. And the first thing you are to do before planning such game, is to ask a question if both of you are ready for such experiments. You are to be completely sure that both of you need this.


There is no need to give many proofs of that sex-games help to diversify sexual life, and some couples even need them to save strong relationships in the future. The change of roles, that are so boring in the daily life, helps to relieve tension that was accumulated during some period.

Trying themselves in the actor’s profession, partners can try on any roles. If you choose the role, that absolutely contradicts your life role you’ll get the opportunity to feel yourself free, because all your problems and bad thoughts will remain far away from your fictional character. Games allow to splash out the accumulated emotions – aggression, hater and even ordinary hysterics. Played in bed, they become fastening, and not ruining for the relationships. Besides, the change of roles helps to get a few partners in one, and in such way amuses men’s polygamy without adultery. One more special bonus in it is that owning the mutual secret brings the couple together. Only two of you know what your fantasy is able to do, and what incredible stories may come into sight in your bedroom.


The source of ideas for such games may be the favorite characters of films, performances or books. Watch over “Mr and Ms Smith” once again and imagine yourselves just the same as them courageous and at the same time passionate in your own apartments! Binding may serve as a spicy “peppercorn” to you in your sex-games. Yes, to bind arms and legs or to blindfold and indulge into amorous pleasures. Believe me, that will remain as a bright episode in your sex experience.

During the game you are to follow the partner’s reaction to notice in time whether she is uncomfortable or if you not overplay. In general, it’s necessary to remember that the game is only an accessory, spicy flavoring to the sexual life.

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