Sex for sex 01 Окт

Many talk about sex for sex as an absolute violation of all the rules of morality. But in the twenty-first century, all the rules and principles, including moral, gained a different meaning. Freud’s teachings about the human libido are very popular nowadays. Sex for sex it’s casual sex, sex for one night, sex without love. Everyone calls it differently. Polygamy is for men, and a woman is required to be monogamous, that is pure and undefiled, and devote herself to one man only. But in modern society, the polygamy is not something strange or forbidden to both sexes.


Earlier sex for sex was allowed only for men. But now, the right for the  straight open relationship with the same success enjoy all the modern women. Everyone understands that long-term abstinence does not bring benefits to the body. And if you didn’t happen to find your true love till the late age, but have the person good enough in bed, what’s wrong with that? Many people date without any obligation to each other and to society.

But in order to sex for sex had no any unpleasant or undesirable consequences, you need to adhere to certain rules. Do not let the pricks of conscience get to you. If even a drop of doubt creeps into your mind before, during or after such sex, this kind of relationship is not for you. Do not force yourself, because it will be the abuse of your own psyche. The whole meaning of the open relationships is that the partners enjoy the high-quality sex and nothing more.


Try not to talk about such your amorous adventures to anyone, because not for everyone the sex for sex is acceptable even nowadays. It is also possible that talking about the great fun of these meetings, and your happiness, you can get a few envious and even enemies.

Having sex for sex, just for pleasure, you must never forget that this sex should primarily be safe. If you don’t want the sex to bring you obligations, you should always be protected.


Also, be careful when choosing partners for free sex. Not to be in an awkward situation, or not to add the problems in your life, do not choose the sex partners from among your friends, acquaintances, former partners or married people. Also choose the partner whom you’ll like to be with. But if you like to feel the adrenaline of that sleeping with your friend’s husband, then do not mind such restrictions. It is only the question of conscience.

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