Sex for 1 time

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Parents since the early childhood, then school, society always teach us how to live properly. One of the canons of right living is to be faithful to the only one person till the end of life.  They say that the forbidden fruit is always sweet. Maybe that’s why people always wanted to break and broke the rules. Monogamy is not for everyone, and there are faithful to their spouses men and women who, under certain circumstances, will agree to sex for 1 time.


There are several reasons why both free and married men and women may agree for the sex for 1 time.

— The realization of the dream.

All people have their ideal, their vision of what the individual of the opposite sex should be. Some find their ideal, or a person that is very similar on the person of their dreams, and the other dream on till the old age, spending their life with a loved, but not the perfect companion. In life there are moments when we meet such people too late, but the dream of sex with their ideal is still alive, and there are hardly people who’ll refuse to implement it.  Though it is a wonderful dream, but it is still just sex for 1 time and nothing more.

— The desire to try something new.

For many it seems a mistake, and quite the contrary, many people think that with the other people in bed everything happens very differently than in his / her long-lasting marriage. The sex for 1 time serves for such people the denial or the proof of their opinions. People, who are in already long-lasting relationships are looking for something new, something special. Perhaps one of the reasons for the appearance of the swing, that is the exchange of partners for 1 time, was the desire for the new, the desire to try as felt sex with another person.


The desire for revenge.

For some people the sex for 1 time is the means of the revenge. And this revenge can refer not only to sex in the relationships. For example, in the certain moment the partner may not feel the needed amount of attention to themselves, will consider that he or she deserves something better and will look for this lacking attention in the bed with another person.

— The desire for self-assertion.

If the person, the man or the woman, has the underestimated self-esteem because of some unknown reasons, then the sex for 1 time with the beautiful representative of the opposite sex will surely help to raise it higher. There may be only one sexual act, but, remembering that you have had sex with that beauty will make you be proud of yourself forever.


— The absence of sex for a long time.

The human needs sex  to maintain good health. That fact was described and proven by many doctors and scientists. That’s why, having the opportunity, nobody will ever refuse to have sex after the continuous abstinence. The self-gratification in that case is also a nice way out. Yes, but that cannot last forever.  That’s why for those, who doesn’t have any serious relationships and is not going to built them in the nearest future the sex for 1 time without any obligation is the ideal variant after the durable abstinence.

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