Sex fashion

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Such phenomenon as fashion has always existed in the civilized world. Fashion is a temporary rule of a certain style in any area of the social life. Most people saying the word «fashion», mainly mean fashion for some clothes, but ti also exists in cooking, art, behavior and entertainment. There also exists the sex fashion.

Nowadays, there are no many people, who are shy to do something in public. Today sex in public is in trend too. Such sex fashion is called «dogging». The essence of it is in that that you have sex, and the other people watch at you.  As far as this is your sex, you set the rules by your own – you can choose where and how many people will watch you. They can be both your friends or acquaintances, and complete strangers. The special sites for doggers may help you in organizing such extreme. Here you can find the answers on questions on dogging what are interesting to you.


There exists one more sex fashion – Air Sex. This can be described as the combination of sex with the performance on a stage. Sex itself in the air sex is not present. Person acting air sex party on stage imitates a sexual act — perform the movements that are usually made by them during the intercourse with their lover, this may be accompanied by groans, cries, or deep breathing. The sex fashion for Air Sex is now very common in Japan and the United States. There is even a World Championship on Air Sex.


The sex fashion is also available to those who used to consider this action especially intimate, and, of course, without any  foreign observers. You can hire a special sex couch. Trendy sex coach will teach the secrets of seduction, help to develop your erogenous zones, and discover new ones and determine the strength of the impact on them for you to reach your perfect orgasm.

The sex fashion for vibrators also turns dials. This product now is produced even by the most well-known international designers. More stories that tell about the successful use of the sex toys appear in the network.  Now the use of goods from a sex shop is considered the most effective way to diversify an intimate relationships with a regular partner.

The sex fashion appeared to be under the influence of the modern techniques as quickly as everything in our life. There is the mobile application produced for the trendy lovers, which will help to identify ypur sexual temperament and the level of fashion in bed. Just place the mobile device under the sheets, and later it will provide you with the statistics about that how good you are in the bed.

The menthol pills for the oral sex, vibrators with aromatic oils, special markers with chocolate, which will draw a chocolate track on the body, leading to the most intimate places didn’t went out of fashion yet. Take into consideration all the aforesaid and have the fashionable sex.

The information about that where the elite prostitutes of Kiev work, how much do they cost, and what they can do they can give you by themselves. By the way, the position 69 will always be in fashion. Zemphira is bored today, and how can such a beautiful girl be bored? Cheer her up, and she won’t stay in debt.