Sex during the menstruation

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The sexual interaction during the menstruation may give the most exciting feelings. Let’s review it on the positive moments of such sex.

Thanks to the spasms during the orgasm the menstrual pain reduces.

During these days the woman can feel stronger orgasm. The reason of this is the swelling of the vagina of the blood flow; it becomes more sensitive and narrow.


The duration of the menstruation shortens. It is connected to that that the fast rejection of the endometrial cells takes place after the orgasm.

Of course, pluses exist, but still you are to discuss all the pros and cons with your partner and decide whether to have sex during the menstruation or not.

Of course, there also exist the negative sides in the sex during the menstruation.

Both partners have the risk to be infected because of the blood, as far as bacteria can successfully develop and grow in the nutrient medium. Men also have the danger because the contents of the vagina can get into the man’s urethra.


There also exists the discomfort connected to the accurate implementation of the rules of hygiene by both partners.

Many men don’t like to get dirty with the menstrual blood.

Remember, that’s it’s better to refrain from the sexual intercourse during the especially abundant days of the menstruation. And as for the position, the best in this case may be called when the man is on the top. When the woman is lying on her back the flow of the secretions will decrease, and the will be able to control the depth of penetration.


To have sex during the menstruation it is very important to take care of the hygiene. Before sex and after it it’s necessary for both man and woman to take shower. The important thing before sex is to take care of the clean towel and wet wipes.

It’s essential to use condoms. Only regular sexual partners, both confident in the absence of infections can avoid to use condoms. And in the rest of the cases the usage of the barrier contraception protects the man from the infection by the pathogenic micro flora that can be present in the woman’s vagina, and vise versa. But the condom cannot protect the woman from the pathogens inside the reproductive system of the a woman if they were present there earlier. So, the endometritis can develop from the inflammation.

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