Sex caresses after the love

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For those who don’t know yet we inform that the sex caresses are very necessary and always very important. The exception may be only the cases when the sex is rigid, or even cruel. The sex caresses are the essential part of love for a woman. The preliminary sex caresses cannot be canceled (but it still happens), because without them the sex may not be successful, and the after sex caresses are neglected by many people.


If both man and woman lay aside and fall asleep immediately after sex – that cannot be called a good sign, that doesn’t mean the mad love and passion. But these forget about what is primarily sex – it is about making love, by means of it we can show all our feelings to the person, give them the pleasure using all our knowledge and skills. That’s why the sex caresses after the sex itself are to take place for sure. They allow the partner to feel and understand to what extend he or she is dear for you.


The sex may be compared with the literary work, which always consists of three main parts: the entry, the story itself and the decoupling. The same is in the sex – there may be present the caresses before sex, the sex itself and the caresses after the sex are its logical conclusion.

How to do these sex caresses? The same as the prelude, that is the caresses before sex, the caresses after sex may be represented in the form of kisses, warm hugs, slow petting of the whole body. The most thing is to do it with feelings and affection – only then the partner will understand that the desire of love rises in you. Sex caresses are also the bright proof of love and the most gentle and reverent feelings to the person whom you are giving them. The duration of the sex caresses is the individual question. The experience of many couples shows that such caresses ideally last approximately as much as the prelude. For the majority of couples they take not more than 10-20 minutes. When both you and your partner feel the full pleasure –  that is the time to finish the caresses.


The difference between the caresses before and after sex, that during the prelude the further the more passionate and strong they become, and the caresses after sex are to reassure, release the tension, gradually becoming more and more calm and tender. The caresses after sex are also important,  because serve as the beginning of the next act. They leave the hint and desire to sense everything once again; make to wait the next act of love impatiently.

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