Sex begins in the kitchen 21 Ноя

They say that the beginning is already a half of the success. But how to begin the act of love, for it to become successful for sure? Admit that sex is considered to be the thing that brings the maximum pleasure than everything ever existing. But does it bring this pleasure each time? The experience of life for many centuries shows that even if you are in bed with the passionately loved one you still may have some problems in sex.

In this article we want to tell you about that what we consider to be the best beginning of sex. So, to begin the partners are to be aroused and feel the true desire to each other. Sex is not to be undesirable, as if it is something mandatory. Sex is not cooking, repairs – it is the embodiment of passion and desire, the act of love.


People are getting older and it is getting harder to arouse for the representatives of both sexes. That is why the preludes play an important role. All women and men love it when they are treated with care, gently and tenderly. Caresses before sex are always exciting and very addicting.

But there is something that precedes even the caresses. Sex begins in the kitchen. And for some people sex in the kitchen has the continuation and not just the beginning, but this is the different story. Sex has its origins in the kitchen, and it is embodied in the aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are substances that have a positive impact on the vitality of man, in particular, increases libido and awakens the sexual energy. These substances are called that way in honor of the goddess of love Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs are present in many food products and aromatic oils. Do you understand why sex in the kitchen begins?

There exist these «activators» of various kinds. As we have already mentioned, they may penetrate into the body as fragrances and as a food. They can also be divided into men, women and those which have equally strong impact on both sexes.


Even in the ancient times, people endowed a powerful aphrodisiac effect to all products that resembled the genitals by their form. Also to the genitals of different animals they attributed the miraculous effect on male potency and libido. Until now, the Spanish dish of the testicles of the bull, defeated by the matador in the arena, is considered a delicacy and the one that reinforces masculinity and sexuality of men.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang and ginger has a strong exciting effect. The oils of jasmine, vanilla and cloves have the beneficial effect on libido and awaken sensuality. As for food, the most abundant on aphrodisiacs is the seafood.  The second is caviar. Both red and black caviar contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which together contribute to the production of sex hormones. Avocados are known for their positive effect on the libido. Different types of nuts are very useful for male potency due to the large amount of trace elements in them. For women, the best aphrodisiac is chocolate which promotes the release of sex hormones and endorphins. Note to girls and women: do not be afraid to add more onions and garlic to your dishes. These products contain a lot of iodine, iron, essential oils, and most importantly — most of the zinc. It is the zinc that helps to produce the male sex hormones most of all. Spices are also considered to be the aphrodisiacs. If seasoning the favorite dish with the aromatic spices, then sex in the kitchen could become a reality as well. And do not forget about the strawberries. The very sight of these juicy berries causes a rush of joy, and in combination with champagne the strawberry becomes a fast catalyst of love.


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