Sex at work

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Most working teams are formed with members of both sexes, and there’s nothing you can do with it. And relationships within one team can develop differently, especially if there are both men and women. Most companies prohibit romantic relationships at work, what to say about sex at work. But statistics shows that these restrictions do not always stop the thirst of people to love and sex — 60% of marriages, especially after the age of thirty years, are made between the people that anyhow connected with the same place of work. Thus, a large number of pairs is formed between employees, between employees and customers etc.


When two people at work show mutual sympathy to each other, their work wouldnot be much more productive, but it will be much more pleasant for them to go there every day.  But what if the innocent staring at each other or even imperceptible fleeting kisses on the move turn into the sex at work?

Together with the phrase «sex at work» many different associations come to mind. And, not surprisingly, many of these associations are related to extreme sex. Yes, there are people who are planning to sex in the office to experience a special feeling of danger and extreme. That’s why discussing the topic of sex at work today, we are talking about the extreme sex.


It must be said that not everyone can afford sex at work corny because of the lack of suitable conditions. If you work in an office where there is a free room, not too tight utility room or dining room, and where your every move is not monitored the camera, then you can consider yourself lucky, and we can say that this is the most suitable conditions, and you can safely plan sex at work. After all, if you work as a builder or teacher, when you won’t be able to stay with the person you sympathize for a long time.

If your intention in your life is to experience such extreme, or you simply cannot help yourself from a sudden surging passion and sexual desire, keep in mind a few points for  the sex at work did not bring you any troubles.

Firstly, always remember that sex at work cannot last too long – you are still at work. But here it is important that if you are absent from work for too long, it can seem suspicious to your colleagues to whom you’ll have to make excuses later.


Secondly, expressing your pleasure too loudly you will not be able too, because you are unlikely to work alone for the entire office, and there are many other people who can hear you, and then you won’t avoid troubles for sure.

 Thirdly, take care of your health and hygiene. Bed with the clean sheets is not always near the workplace. Only, if you work at a hotel. So do not be lazy to bring a convenient means of personal hygiene, which will ensure the cleanliness, comfort and hygiene.

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