Sex and pleasure, and as more as possible!

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Only especially lucky and madly in love can be excited by a single touch. The rest of the mere mortals are spending a lot of time to got excited before the sexual act, which is not necessarily and not always ends with the orgasm. If you are among the second, then it is not necessary to fall into a panic immediately, because sensuality of sex can be developed.

High sensitivity, or else called sensitivity is the ability to sharply and clearly perceive everything that is happening around with all your senses. Sex and pleasure — are interrelated things, and for the sex was always accompanied by pleasure, a person must have a high sensitivity. There are specific exercises that help to develop sensitivity.


Develop the sensitivity to touch. You can use a soft cloth, fur, feathers with soft down — all the materials or objects that come in contact with anything very carefully, and being felt barely. Perform this exercise as much as you want and when you want, and it will help you to learn to focus and perceive the most obscure stimuli.

The following exercise will teach you to feel the world and all the things in it with maximum fullness. It is the best to practice with fruit or vegetables. Absolutely focus on the fruit: peer into its color, its smell, slide it across the skin to feel all the features of the surface and temperature, then bite it and feel all the features of its taste, define the level of its juiciness, sweetness and acid. Then it won’t make you any difficulty to switch from fruit to the real human.


Practice with your pet, if it is warm and furry creature. You can caress it along the entire body or just the head, play with the tail, scratch behind the ear, massage the paws and many more. Use different techniques and then try it in the bed with your loved.

The following exercise that will teach you to get sex and pleasure at the same time is already well known in wider circles, and it is called the Kegel exercises. Not believing in the miraculous effect of this exercise, many girls and women do not want, or simply are lazy perform it. But the fact that even after a short period of performing the Kegel exercises the sensitivity during sex greatly increases the already proven in practice many women, and validated by experts. That’s why, women please don’t be lazy to train, because these trainings also bring pleasure and pleasant sensations, and training enough, you will be able to reach the orgasm during every sexual intercourse.


For your sex and pleasure were always together, except sensuality do not forget to develop the sexuality. We must remember that sexuality exists in the mind. It is the understanding of that in the universe there are two beginnings – the male and female. Everything in our world is based on this postulate, and we also have to stick with it, and clearly identify ourselves to one of these principles.

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