Sex after the pregnancy – When? How? How much?

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Different people, different organisms go through the different natural processes in the different way. When a woman gives the birth to the child her organism changes, a lot of new processes appear in it. Maybe, every adult woman, who already gave birth, is pregnant, or is going to be a mother in future asks a question – what will with the sex after the pregnancy? Will the sensations change? When will it be possible to renew the sexual relationships? We have found the answers for these and many other questions , and it will be interesting and useful not only for women, but to their men.


The doctors do not recommend to start sex after the pregnancy earlier than in six weeks after the parturition.  We will repeat, that everything is always individual, and in the case with the resuming of the sex relationships after childbirth it is the same. There women who can’t wait these six weeks, in such case the consultation of the doctor is necessary. If the bleeding, that have began after the childbirth, have ended, the sex is possible even earlier. Much depends on the psychological factors. The women go through the very hard and deep depression after the childbirth. The quickness of the woman’s psyche recovery depends on that how caring is the new father.  If a woman will see in front of her child the caring and attentive father, her recovery, both physiological and psychological will pass very quickly.


The sex after the pregnancy has to bring the tenderness to the woman; she is to feel care and attention. That’s why during this period of life the man shouldn’t show and prove his strength in the bed. In the sex after the pregnancy it will be better to use the missionary position, or the rider position. The man should control everything during the sex: all the moves, depth and the rhythm of frictions. The partner should very delicate and notice and react to all the signs of pain or unpleasant sensations of the woman.

Sometimes after the childbirth the natural lubricant doesn’t appear in the time of excitement. That’s hy the first time you are to care about the artificial lubricants. Sometimes a woman doesn’t want to have sex for some short period after the pregnancy, and tries to avoid it. The reason of this may be the psychological factors, but often the problem is in the physiology. You have to understand the reasons and destroy the problem.


Sex after the pregnancy – is not the simplest deal. It is necessary for couples to understand that some time is to pass. And the sensations won’t be the erstwhile right away. The period after the childbirth is the test no only in sex – the patience and mutual understanding are important here. If people truly love each other, everything will be okay very soon.

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