Sex after 40 years

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Sexual life – is the private matter. At one time, each decides for himself whether they are ready to begin the sexual life, and similarly whether they are ready to end their sex life. Adherents of different theories about the appropriate periods and ages for sex determine for themselves the pros and cons of a particular age and sex in it. Some argue that an active sex life during the young years affects negatively the sex after 40 years. Some say that sex after 40 years does not bring as much pleasure as you can bring in youth. There are many opinions, but only experts will tell you the truth in this matter.


Doctors say that sex after 40 years is unequivocally good for health. They also point out that, really, the body changes with age, and the sensitivity of erogenous zones is reduces, less lubrication is produced, and the physiology of the female vagina itself changes – it becomes shorter and narrower. The fact that the active sex life in young years is the key to sexual activity in old age is also confirmed. In fact, the word «sex» is almost synonymous with the word «sport», and if you’re active in sex it will help o keep the body fit, and it won’t make you refuse sex in the later age.

If you have sex after 40 years you should not forget about safety. If you have a steady partner, whom you trust and have been together for many years, then the chances of catching a venereal disease is almost gone. But still the contraceptives protect from the unwanted pregnancy. As a rule, in this age both men and women have already gave birth and educate their children. Pregnancy for women over 40 can be very severe test for their health.


The loss of attractiveness in old age is not the reason for the disappearance of the sexual desire. Some people believe that after 40 years the majority of men change their wives to younger and more attractive representatives of the opposite sex. Many believe that the reason for this is the aging of the body, the extinction of attractiveness and the man wants to see a young and beautiful woman next to him. But this is not so, because sexuality lies not only in attractiveness. But there still exists the beauty of the soul, a cheerful nature and a twinkle in the eyes that does not fade until old age. Also sports and modern cosmetics allow give the opportunity to look young and beautiful for years. And if the pair diverges in this period of life, namely, reaching the middle age, the reason for this is likely to be the family problems or lack of understanding.


Sex after 40 years can bring even more pleasure than 20 years ago. And if in the intimate life in this age there are problems, it is only love, caring and mutual understanding which will contribute to the successful resumption of sexual relations.

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