Sensuous Sex in the Bathroom

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Perhaps not all of the girls have tried sex in the bathroom. Although it is useful to know that the sex in the bathroom gives you a pretty unusual sensations.

You should to prepare a scented bath. Most sensitive output that will appeal to both of you is to prepare  scented bath. Three drops of sandalwood oil, three drops of lavender and two drops of patchouli oil  make your effect  awesome! Lavender will relax you, patchouli and sandalwood give you an unusual sensitivity. The pleasant aroma of such a bath will also have its effect: you’ll be glad you started erotic games in a warm bath.


Your muscles may completely relax hot water, so any touch you feel much more clearly and vividly. Receptors are  bringing every sensation. Light foam nicely caresses the skin, you can see how your girlfriend’s skin glistens off the water. Aromas of foam bath more relaxes  you and makes sex in the bathroom unhurried, sensual and smooth. You caress each other, and the water  allows you to feel almost weightless. This smooth sex on «waves» of foam, warm, fragrant water will allow much more clearly feelings in sex. In this sex in the bathroom perfectly combine romantic and sensual, sexy and hot desire. It is impossible that you refuse of  this pleasure.

Feet of couple in the bath

Before the beginning of sex in the bath, give caress  each other. Firstly, try to touch each other’s breasts. Of course, I have no a doubt, a woman’s breasts are much sexier, more desirable and more attractive as compared to men.

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Yet it should be noted the fact that the guy likes that his girl touches by their gentle, playful and soft fingers to his torso. When  you passed  the stage of body wash and grinding, you need to start to wash head.  Then you need to apply shampoo on each other’s head.

To enhance the desire of having sex in the bathroom, do  a massage to each other  or take a cool shower together. This water makes elastic nipples and breasts. In the bathroom, at the direction of the water jet on your erogenous zones you can partially get an orgasm.


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