Passionate sex

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Ilona loved her boyfriend very much. They dated for about 2 years already, and their love to each other was strong and reciprocal. With every day the couple spent more and more time together, and at least came that time when they were together almost all the time, having taken the decision to live together.

They rented an apartment in a convenient location for both in a good district of the city with good infrastructure, and one day came there with their things and with their love. Ilona and Maxim were happy only from the understanding of that they will always be together, and what is more, they will be able to have sex when they just wish to have it.


Time passed. Young people have arranged their everyday life, bought all the necessary things and furniture, and got used to each other. They both were engaged in their favorite activity, got pleasure and money for doing it, and that’s why they could call themselves almost completely happy people. Now the couple had plenty of time to try as many as possible sex positions, and also to diversify their sex life by having sex in different rooms or different places in rooms. And they were doing exactly this.

Always passionate embrace and sex were present in each day of their life and filled them with priceless emotions and feelings, and what are we to talk about feelings that fill the lovers during sex. Ilona loved sex, and Maxim was certainly happy to that. Both of them tried to experiment, and that experiments were always successful and brought only pleasant sensations and pleasure.


But unfortunately, or fortunately, young blood is too hot, and when that’s so young people begin to live together, or just build common plans for the future, they are not always immediately find harmony and understanding in each other. Ilona and Maxim were not the exception – and they quarreled. Once there was a really serious quarrel, and, of course, the reason for it was some minor problem. Still, the young lovers could not understand each other, and cross through their pride, and because of it the tension grew stronger, and no one was going to give up their position.

In this situation, only passionate embrace and passionate sex can solve everything. To be more precise it is better to say that the catalyst of reconciliation were then the hormones that provoked passion in lovers for passionate and hot sex.

Man and woman, though living under the same roof, weren’t talking to each other for three days already. When Ilona returned home, Maxim has been a long time there already. Already out of habit, she went to the kitchen to clean up and wash the dishes. Maxim was willing to put up. His tense penis was confirmed that, and he couldn’t control it when Ilona was nearby. She was already going to open the water tap, but Maxim took her hand carefully and started to kiss it. Inside Ilona was so happy, but her face was still angry. But, as you already understood for sure, that day the passionate sex in that house happened for sure, and maybe even not once.


Reconciliation happened beautifully, with tenderness and passion. Uniting lips in a kiss, lovers rushed to the bed. There they undressed quickly, kissing and caressing each other. Excitation gone wild, and Maxim’s long resilient penis finally appeared in Ilona’s tight vagina. Sounds of sex and pleasure immediately filled the room, and endorphins filled the blood of lovers. Passionate sex movements lasted for a long time, changing the rhythm and speed, and the girl with a guy were enjoying the carnal pleasures, which they missed so much. She has received several very bright orgasms, but he did not ejaculate. Then she caressed his penis by the tongue, and after that covered it with the heat and moisture of her mouth. It made Max to breath loudly and moan. She made a few more skillful movements  by her lips and tongue and the sperm burst out. Ilona gathered it all to the last drop, and with pleasure and delight swallowed it.

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