Passionate Sex on the First Date

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Just imagine that you met a very  beautiful, sociable and charming girlfriend. You have exchanged phone numbers and then phoned and arranged on the meeting. And on a date after you have walked around the park and sat in a  café and then you were at your house, and in the morning woke up together and you do not understand how it was happened. On the one hand — it was one of the most beautiful moments in your life, and on the other —  it was happened so quickly and simply unnatural. And in my head there is a question: why  did this girl so quickly jump with you in bed? Perhaps it’s because she’s just  a g-sort girl. Maybe (and I want to believe  in it), she liked you so much as anyone else, and so you have got  a passionate sex. Is it love at first sight?


For a man, sex — it’s an indicator that he achieved his goal. For a man it would be much more interesting if he had a little effort to get over a woman. They like to overcome  some difficulties. Men always want to have sex, they never refuse of the night with a woman. The couple passionate sex is guaranteed if a woman still insists for it.

Passionate sex can dizzies the both, but the man who is looking for a partner with whom he will built a family, in most cases he does not call for this girl. Girls who go to bed on the first date is called by people the girls of easy virtue. They normally are not serious. Although there are situations when a man calls back and he is calling on the second date, but these men haven’t  serious plans. He is looking for the woman only for a fun.


Men lose interest in women after sex. But if he has a huge sympathy in the long term, they behave as accepted. If the sympathy is so little then the men go away  after the first night  without any explanation.

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