Must read sex books

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During our epoch of sexual enlightenment the erotic literature gains more and more popularity and that’s not just accidentally. People from around the world, who are curious about developing their sex skills are deep in sex fiction research, as these books offer a real and useful information about the sex act and everything concerning the issue.

The following list contains the most interesting works which already shook the modern society, the works dedicated to the question of sex. And, who knows, may be now is the moment when there’s a lack of such fiction in your life.


“Dangerous Connections”

In 18th century the French officer Choderlos de Laclos published the novel called “Dangerous Connections”. It was extremely popular and had had a grand success, though later it was subjected to the tough criticism. In the plot of this sex book lies the real story about the intrigue some two Parisian  aristocrats have had planned. The goal of the plan was to seduce a young lady, who recently left the monastic school.

This composition will show you the ways of manipulating the human desires. Reading the book you will also see and feel the harshness of then swell society.

“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)”

The author of this composition is David Reuben, who, in fact, helped American people in sexual emancipation. Using his enormous knowledge in the field of psychiatry and intimate relationships, this man explains both technical subtleties of sex and all the details of human mental state during the sex act.

As David says, he still receives letters from grateful readers, though the book first was published 45 years ago.


”The Sex Bible”

If your sexual knowledge provided by those bystanders who just talk loud about such things, and you’d like to change the situation, a good choice for you is to read this book. From the words of Paul Joannides, the author, his work is a kind of modern, well-known Kama Sutra. ”The Sex Bible” mostly tells about the mental part of intimate relationships. This book answers a lot of questions concerning sex.

Physical and psychological preparing for partners before anal sex, problems with first sex experience and its’ solving, how to interpret sex for a child – this books will turn your current understanding of sex upside down.

“Sex and the city”

Among all the sex books the popularity of this one is flawless. Writer Candace Bushnell proved to all the women around the world that sexual relationships is appropriate subject for any discussion.

The author describes sex though the prism of woman perception, discovering and showing subtleties of female psychology.  Probably, that’s the reason why the major part of the readers of the “Sex and the City” are men, as they’re trying to understand all aspects of female thinking.


“Kama Sutra”

Though this book was written a long time ago it’s still actual. The authors are Indian sages, who certainly knew what the deal the sex is. The composition contains a lot of parts, but only the one dedicated to positions in sex is widely spread.

People loved the illustrations of variety of positions with description to each, though other parts which explains then seduction techniques and other recommendations people did not endorse.

“The Sexual Life of Catherine M.»

In the world of literature the author of this work was known as an art critic. But in this case she suddenly decided to change the path and create so-called autobiographical porn tale.

She calmly, even in a cold blood describes her sexual experience, not omitting the baddest and the dirtiest details. One may think that it’s quite enough of such stuff full of them dirty details and nothing new can be found in this composition, but it’s not. When describing her sexual adventures, Millet refused to show any emotion, as it was said before, the book is written in a cold blood. So, she made a very curious thing from sex for self-knowledge and research

To be continued…

Well, these six masterpieces of literature must be enough for you to start your own sexual revolution. But if it won’t take effect, remember – you can always take advantage of Kiev prostitute, whose profile is in our catalogue.