Morning sex – 100% of use and pleasure

zEmsbZmXzuk 25 Авг

Do you have the morning sex? Maybe, you even don’t know about the advantages of the morning sex? We can talk about sex all the time, but this topic has a lot of shades and each of us has their own opinion about sex. As the statistics shows, many people prefer to have a cup of coffee or tea, refreshing morning shower, normal quiet sleep to the sex in the morning. But why? By the way, the analysis of the statistics has shown that men like morning sex more than women.

This sex has one more positive side – it is able to wake up both partners immediately and with pleasure. It’s difficult for some people to get up in the morning and sex will help them to cheer up.


Morning sex has a lot of advantages. Some people consider that it helps to stay young, healthy and beautiful for a long time. Here is more extensive list of advantages of sex in the morning:

  1. Morning sex can replace morning exercises, gymnastics. When you’re making love all the groups of muscles of the organism are in the action. Sometimes sex is compared to the sport, because when choosing different poses you can pump up any part of the body.
  2. The blood circulation becomes better after the morning sex, it’s easier to breath, and it is a wonderful beginning of the day! If you regularly have sex in the morning your blood pressure normalizes and this reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  3. Those women and men, who have sex in the morning are rarely suffering from depression and are not subjected to stress.
  4. From 7 to 8 o’clock men have the highest level of the testosterone in their blood.
  5. Strictly at 8 o’clock am and at 8 o’clock pm men and women have the same biorhythms of the sexual desire. In this time the organism is full of energy which is to be expend immediately.
  6. Sex in the morning will be deeper than in the evening, as far as in the morning the organism is full of energy.
  7. In the process of having the morning sex endorphins are produced and that is why the partners receive the charge of vivacity for the whole day.
  8. During the day people who has had the sex in the morning are more calm, they are concentrated on their work.
  9. To have sex in the morning means to keep up one’s spirits.
  10. Morning sex add variety into the relationships.


As many psychologists prove, the sex in the morning is better than in any other time of the day, either in the midday, in the afternoon or at night. That is so because namely in the morning the maximum concentration of the hormones reaches its top and is 25% higher than in any other time of the day.

Couple Making Love

If usually you have some sport exercises in the morning, even the lightest ones – it’s a very nice thing, as it helps to keep your figure fit and to stay in a good mood. And if you’ll begin your exercises with the person you love – that will be a hundred times better. Because in that case you’ll get positive energy and good mood, and good spirits will follow you the whole day.

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